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    Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

    Do you find yourself loosing breath over the smallest problems? Do you think you’re over reading into things a tad too much? Is your rushing mind causing you fatigue? It’s...

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  • autumn in the forest
    Thankgiving’s Meditation: A Meditation On Gratitude

    When Thanksgiving rolls around we look forward to wonderful meal ahead; with turkey, mashed potatoes and all the trimmings! As we wipe away the drool from our mouth’s, make...

    • Posted 2 days ago
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  • seventh chakra
    Lets Discover: Sahasrara, The Seventh Chakra

    We have reached the last chapter of our journey through the world of chakras. I hope you have enjoyed reading through all of the previous weeks’ articles; today, we...

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  • Sunrise
    7 Ways To Sustain A Positive Mindset

    Being in a great place is awesome: you feel on top of things, confident, self-assured. However sometimes it seems that no matter how good we’re feeling internally or how...

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    #MondaySongs: Free Mp3 Instrumental of the Week – Thanksgiving Music

    Today starts the Thanksgiving week! So waiting for the 26th November, Thanksgiving Day, here are 8 things you need to know about Thanksgiving celebration and traditions. 1. When? Thanksgiving...

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  • learn to meditate
    The First-Timers Guide to Meditation

    Welcome to Meditation Relax Club’s ‘The First-Timers Guide to Meditation’! This is a short introduction into the tranquil world of meditation. There are many reasons to meditate; stress, anxiety, relaxation,...

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    7 Steps To Boost Your Self-Esteem

    Looking to boosting your self-esteem? Build your confidence? Be happier? We’ve put together 7 Steps To Boost Your Self-Esteem because at Meditation Relax Club we believe that everyone deserves to feel their...

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  • bach flowers
    It’s The Little Things: 7 Positive Ways To Start The Day

    Some of us are natural morning people, we just jump out of bed in the morning, fresh to start the day. However if you, like I, need some help...

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  • Vector Chakra Symbol Mandalas for Meditation  to Facilitate Growth and Healing
    Lets Discover: Ajna, The Sixth Chakra

    This is the second to last week we will spend traveling through the mystic world of chakras. This voyage has brought us to Ajna, the chakra of awareness and...

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