10 Benefits Of Keeping A Journal

10 Benefits Of Keeping A Journal

10 Benefits Of Keeping A Journal

Journaling is a wonderful habit to get into. When we are young we are far more likely to write down our thoughts and feelings as a keepsake for when we are older or to process the things that are happening to us, but the benefits of journaling are of no less importance as we enter adulthood. In fact, with the complications that come from growing up, journal writing is even more useful as we get older. Here are some of the benefits and uses of keeping a journal.

1. A Fresh Start

Starting a brand new journal, ideally with a new diary or notebook, is a great way to start anew and tell yourself that you are ready to be mindful and look after yourself. Turn over a new leaf, or a new page as the case may be, and begin telling your story with fresh eyes and mind.

2. Communication Skills

Journaling on a daily basis will help develop your writing skills and your communication skills overall. It can also improve your memory and concentration.

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3. Mindfulness Journaling

Journal writing is a mindful exercise, it involves being present in the moment and helps your mind to focus on what you are doing. If mindfulness coloring is not for you, then keeping a journal might be the next best thing.

4. Express Yourself

Being able to log your personal feelings expands your emotional intelligence and capacity to deal with situations effectively. You may be expressing yourself anonymously to a piece of paper, but it still involves you digging deep into your emotional psyche.

5. Self Learning

One of the greatest benefits of journaling is the journey of exploration and self discovery it brings you on. By putting your thoughts down on paper you can start to learn things about yourself that you never knew and draw conclusions far easier.

6. Escapism

Just as mindfulness journaling is great to stay in the present moment, journaling also offers an escape for the writer. When you are feeling stressed, anxious or merely bored you can take your journal out and remove yourself mentally from your surroundings with ease.

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7. Interpret Your Dreams

When you write down your dreams in your journal it means you won’t forget them as dreams have a tendency to escape our memory very soon after waking up. Track your dreams and sleep patterns, write down anything you experienced in your sleep. You can then study your dreams and see if any patterns emerge and figure out if you are having a peaceful or stressful time during the night. Dreams offer us great insight into our subconscious so pay close attention.

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8. Time Capsule

Keeping a journal means that we are our creating our own personal time capsule about a particular moment in our life. The real prize comes after you have journaled for an extensive time and can then read back on your life. Give yourself the challenge of journalling everyday for one year. You will be amazed at the changes that will have taken place and all of the ups and downs that you will have experienced.

9. Self Therapy

Writing about yourself is extremely therapeutic. For those of you that find it difficult to open up to a friend or an actual therapist about your fears, anxieties or issues, journaling is a great alternative. It allows you to have an outpour of thoughts and emotions without exposing yourself to another person or feeling vulnerable. The diary is for your eyes only so you can be liberal with what you say and how you feel.

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10. Health Benefits

Journal writing is a wonderful tool for lowering anxiety and stress levels and inducing a better night’s sleep. Jotting down your thoughts takes a huge weight off your shoulder and the psychological and physiological effects of that are huge. Putting a pen to paper in this computerized society that we live in is a welcomed break for our eyes and our mind that spend hours and hours staring at a screen so start your journal today, you’ve nothing to lose!