10 Funny Facts That Make You Smile

10 Funny Facts That Make You Smile

Is it one of those days where even just pulling a smile can be difficult? Here are 10 random funny facts that make you smile!

1) When penguins find a mate, it is for life. They propose by giving a pebble; the male penguin will search for a long time in order to find the most beautiful pebble he will gift to his lifemate.

2) Blind people smile even if they have never seen a smile before. It is a natural human expression which does not change with race or culture. You are born knowing how to smile!

3) You are made of stars. Really, everything on earth was created in a previous generation of stars over 4.5 billion years ago. That includes you!

4) Otter hold hands when they sleep. While sleeping, they hold each other so that they do not drift away from the group.

5) Cows have best friends. When they are separated from each other, they will get sad and feel stress!

6) Squirrels plant trees. Each year, hundreds of new trees are born where squirrels buried their nuts and forgot about them! Keep on reading for more funny facts that make you smile.

7) The actor that voices Winnie the Pooh calls children in cancer wards to cheer them up. Jim Cummings, voice actor for the world famous bear, calls children and encourages them by telling them how brave they are.

8) A newborn panda is extremely small. He is about the size of a stick of butter!

9) Charlie Chaplin entered a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest at a San Francisco theatre. Unfortunately, he lost.

10) Everything will be ok. Whatever you are going through will eventually pass. Nothing lasts forever, not even sadness!

Did you get your smile on, and did you enjoy these things to cheer you up? I hope these 10 funny facts that make you smile made your day a little bit better!