10 Good Reasons to Laugh: Benefits of Laughter

10 Good Reasons to Laugh: Benefits of Laughter

Staying positive throughout adversities is what shoes a person’s true colors. When in need of optimism to face negative events, laughter therapy can help you get through tough times. But what are the benefits of laughter? Keep on reading and find out the beautiful ways in which joy can affect you.

It Makes You Look Younger

When we laugh, out muscles release tension and relax. This gives us a younger appearance and makes wrinkles disappear.

It Helps Your Relationship

Couples that participate in laughter therapy sessions are more likely to see an improvement of their relationship in the near future. In families where there is a lot of laughter the relationships between the members are stronger.

It Increases Productivity

The benefits of laughter include an increase of productivity and creativity. It gives you energy and motivation when you are working.

It’s The Secret To How To Live Longer

A 20 year long study has proven that people with a positive view on life have lengthened their lifespan of 7/8 years. Laughing makes you live longer!

It Encourages Creativity

As we already mentioned, laughter increases creativity.

It Reduces Aggressiveness

Laughing allows people to relax and releases tensions. It reduces stress hormone levels in our bodies, and makes people calm and less aggressive.

It Makes You More Attractive

Laughing makes you hot! Studies have shown that people that laugh are considered more attractive by the opposite sex.

It Helps You Sleep Better

Japanese researchers have proved that laughing in the evening stimulates the production of melatonin, a hormone the brain releases to induce sleepiness in your body).

It Heals You (Both Physically and Emotively)

There are many physical positive effects of laughter on your body. It lowers your blood levels, it makes you heal quicker, and it strengthens the immune system.

It Reduces Stress Hormones

People that laugh a lot have low levels of adrenaline and cortisol, also known as stress hormones. You can feel the change both on a psychological and physical point of view.

Have these reasons convinced you to laugh more often? I hope it did, and that you keep on staying positive with joy!