10 Health Benfits of Hugging or Why do we Need a Hug?

10 Health Benfits of Hugging or Why do we Need a Hug?

A free hug, a warm hug, is a universal medicine and if you are wondering why in the world, we need a hug, I’m giving you 10 reasons why hugging is healthy for your mental and emotional health, but also for your physical health.

1) Rejuvinate

Oxygenation of blood: the power of a hug lies is the contact of two bodies touching each other. Hugging someone stimulates the hemoglobin which gives oxygen to the blood. Oxygen + blood = new energy, that leads to a new body.

2) Heal

Hugging is part of a real process of healing in different situations, something we can call hug-therapy. Hugging someone ill, gifts a little moment of relief.

3) Wellness

A hug is free and not expensive. It doesn’t steal you much time and it helps to let off steam and open themselves to others.

4) Self Esteem

Scientific studies proved that hugging promotes self esteem and mental abilities, such as improving your memory, as we will see at point 8.

5) Depression

Hugging is said to be a natural therapy agaist depression. Scientists of the Canadian Community Health Survey found out that people who have frequent displays of affection can reduce the risk to face with depression and mental diseases thanks to hugs and caresses.

6) Stress

Hugging is an awesome remedy against stress and the merit goes to oxytocin. Known as the hormone of humor, is contributes to relieve from stress, better if two people hugging are friends and love each other.

7) Mother and Son

A hug is the most natural and spontaneous gesture of affection between a mother and her child. The American psychotherapist Virginia Satir said: “We need 4 hugs a day to survive. 8 hugs a day to keep us healthy and 12 hugs a day to grow”.

8) Memory

A warm hug improves your memory. Free hugs stimute our brain to better remember what is important to us. The merit? Oxytocin… always!

9) Heart

If you need to improve your heart health, you need a hug. Hugs produce positive effects on heart health especially on women. In fact in women it was revealed a drop in blood pressure and cortisol, to benefit the heart and blood circulation.

10) Anxiety

Hug is a therapy for anxiety and panic. The stimulation of endorphin production is possible thanks to the frequents hugs. 4 hugs a day are enough to maintain the normal tranquility, while about 12 hugs help you to relieve from anxiety.