10 Steps to Avoid the Post-Vacation Blues

10 Steps to Avoid the Post-Vacation Blues

10 Steps to Avoid the Post-Vacation Blues

Welcome Back to daily life! If you’ve ever felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation, you’re not the only one.

Have you ever heard about “Post-vacation Blues“? Despite the effort to get back to a once peaceful routine, right now you might feel exhausted. You might even experience headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and so on.

Suffering from the post-vacation blues? Here’s how to ease the re-entry into your daily life.

We have brought 10 simple tips that will help you in this mission. Come and see:

1. Accept (and see the good side of) the fact that routine is more bland than a trip

Comparing your travel days to your daily life is almost inevitable. But the (very obvious) advice I’m gonna give you is to just avoid doing this. Your routine is much quieter and “bland” than the days on the trip… But there’s a positive side to that: it’s good to slow down, rest and replenish your energies.

2. Avoid returning from travel on the last day of vacation

It may seem tempting to take advantage of it until the last minute of the vacation. But believe me, this tends to make getting back to your routine more painful. Because the reality clash will be even more brutal.
So try to return home with a couple of rest days. This way, you still have a rest time and will manage to organize all your problems to return to work without that feeling of leaving something important behind.


3. Start the day with a purpose

Finding small goals (daily or weekly) is a great way to avoid that feeling that time is ticking by too fast. What do you set as a goal? Anything. You can use achievements at work, personal progress (getting a new habit, starting a new project, or even finalizing one that was stopped), or – why not? – start planning the next trip.

4. Re-include good habits in your daily life

They, as we speak up there, are part of personal fulfillment and make all the difference to a pleasant day to day life. This is because they are ways to fit small healthy pleasures into our routine. Here everything goes: meditation, healthy eating, hiking in the midst of nature. Whatever does you good!

5. Practice physical exercises

Still talking about good habits, they make all the difference: physical activities! It is scientifically proven that they are good for your health. They also greatly help improve our mental health by helping to prevent depression – including post-vacation blues. Not sure which one to start? Our tip is to bet on Yoga. It particularly helps reduce stress, improves concentration and brings that delicious feeling of lightness.

6. See the positive side of returning home

Traveling is truly amazing! But how can we not feel pleasure returning to the warmth of home, of our family and pets? Placing value in the small things is important. I, for one, can’t appreciate enough how good it feels to place my head back on my pillow after being away for so long.


7. If necessary, reassess your work

Have you followed all the previous tips and yet returning to work seems more excruciating than it should be? Maybe it’s time for you to question whether you are on the ideal professional path.
Certainly no work will be as enjoyable as a beach of blue waters and white sand, but your work should give a certain amount of satisfaction, after all that is where you spend most of your day.

8. Be a tourist in your own city

We often fail to enjoy attractions that our city provides by pure convenience. But they offer a great opportunity to forget about our trip! How about taking an afternoon to go and see that new café that opened? Or go and visit that new art exhibition. Enjoy a walk outdoors? Walking in a street full of charming shops is also a great option!

9. Turn your travel souvenirs into decor

They say that putting things on paper that make us happy is therapeutic. It can be on paper, in wood, in glass – the important thing is to leave something you can touch with your own hands. How about making it both useful and pleasant by decorating your home? That’s it! You can use objects that remind you of your travels: photos, tickets, leaflets as part of your decor. They can, for example, go on top of your dining table or compose beautiful pictures. Just let the creativity flow!

10. Start planning the next trip

All of the above tips are great, but this is undoubtedly the most efficient of them all. After all, what better way to not miss the last trip than planning the next one?
And it does not have to be just a long trip. A weekend bounce back is also a surefire remedy for you to focus on the future.

Welcome back to the sweet comfort of work! I know you miss carrying files, writing reports… But believe me when I say it will be fun!