10 Tips to Look Good And Feel Confident

10 Tips to Look Good And Feel Confident

10 Tips to Look Good And Feel Confident

The world is increasingly competitive. But to stand out, the important thing is to not compare yourself with others and explore their potential. It is also worth keeping your self-esteem high by recognizing that you are beautiful and capable. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and no one should be overwhelmed at their shortcomings. If you have trouble feeling powerful and confident, know that you are not alone. Self-esteem needs to be worked on recurrently in the face of the challenges of family and corporate life. Here are some tips to look good and feel confident!

Head up

Just hold your head up – literally. Even when things go wrong, think positive, leave your back straight, your shoulders open and your chin up. This is the posture of a successful person and it will make you feel more confident and also convey this feeling to others. No living with a crooked posture, head down and arms crossed. To be – and sound – confident, it’s nice that your body language collaborates too: the way your body “speaks” not only makes you look confident, but also makes you feel that way. The right posture will make you taller and therefore more confident!

Physical exercises

Taking time just for yourself is critical to keeping your self-esteem high. A good tip is to enjoy this free time to practice a physical activity. Not only does endorphin make you feel better and more willing, it also improves your health. Eastern philosophy and ancient arts like yoga have a lot to teach us. Stretching improves your blood flow and helps your posture. Consequently, it can increases your confidence. Did you know? Some types of stretching can also help you relax and relieve tension!


If you feel lost and have difficulty organizing your thoughts, do not hesitate to seek help. Relying on the help of a psychotherapist or life coach can be the solution to converting negative thoughts into positive ideas, stimulating your creativity and organizing your ideas for the future.


Work, relationship, children, home to care for. Sometimes you need to unfold to cope with everything. But it is important to create a balance so that all of these spheres are in harmony and you are not overwhelmed. Never give up your well-being and don’t just allow an area of ​​your life to consume you entirely.

Improve Your Morning Ritual

Those first moments of the day, when you get ready in front of the mirror, are critical not only for maintaining a pleasing physical appearance, but also for boosting your confidence. Morning rituals in front of the mirror include telling yourself that you can do something, rehearsing phrases, speeches and presentations.

What About Clothing?

That dressing for success story is true. There is a reason why this cliché is so widespread around the world: what you wear can directly affect your security and sense of power. 


Sometimes life brings us down. But that cannot be a reason for you to become a negative person. Try to laugh more and face the challenges lightly, as good humor triggers chemical processes related to happiness hormones and makes anyone feel good.

Stop Judging Yourself Too Much

Developing compassion towards yourself is so much better than living blaming yourself for making a mistake. You need to understand that we all make mistakes from time to time. When you make positive affirmations about yourself, you end up with more agreeable thoughts in general. You become a person who can identify his or her own weaknesses without suffering, which will make you more confident and happy in the long run. 

Remember a Time Where You Were Powerful

Do you remember that time when you made everyone laugh during a speech, rocked an interview or published a job you were proud of? No matter what was your experience of power, this little moment can impact your feelings when you are feeling insecure. Thinking about that moment where you were genuinely captivating can make you feel more confident!

Be True to Yourself

Confident positioning affects many fields and aspects of your life, opening doors to better jobs and interfering with your relationships. Learn to love yourself: identify what makes you unique and wonderful. You are not everyone. You are you. And the more you can understand who you are and what you value, the stronger you will be. One of the best ways to boost your confidence? Be true to yourself. When you are trying to be someone you are not, you totally lose confidence. Think about who you are, exclusively you. Write it down. Think about what you value and what matters to you.


The great truth is that all human beings feel insecure at one time or another. Feeling insecure 90% of the time is neither good nor normal. As much as you are bombarded by the media and society, it’s only up to you not to let these influences take absolute control of your life… So work out your self-esteem: look good and feel confident!

Be true to yourself!