10 Ways To Be Happy: How To Increase Dopamine In Your Brain

10 Ways To Be Happy: How To Increase Dopamine In Your Brain

10 Ways To Be Happy: How To Increase Dopamine In Your Brain

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps your brain control happiness and pleasure. Keep on reading to find about 10 natural ways to increase this chemical’s levels in your body.

Dopamine is an incredibly powerful neurotransmitter that helps regulate focus and motivation. It is also directly correlated with your mood and can help increase happiness. So here are 10 ways to be happy which help you increase dopamine:

01. Avoid Addictions

Many people find happiness in things that give instant gratification, may it be alcohol, shopping, food, or any other addictive behavior. These, however, just give an instant hit of happiness and have negative effects on dopamine levels in the long run. Your brain will quickly become addicted to the fast rush, and it soon will not get the same pleasure from it anymore.

02. Write Down Small Tasks

Organize your tasks in checklists. Write down even the smallest ones, and once you finish something, check it out. Our brain increases dopamine and happiness when we physically check something off our to-do-list, rewarding you!


03. Arts and Crafts

Every artist will be able to identify with the following tip: create something! If you don’t have one, take up a hobby or an activity which gratifies you. Try something that requires to get your hands dirty, like painting, crafting, car repairs or even photography.


04. Exercise

Ever present in every list of ours. But you can’t overlook the importance of exercise, and the help it gives you to stay happy always. Taking a stroll every couple of days can make a huge difference in increasing dopamine.

05. Streaks

This works in a similar way to checklists: set out to do a task or a goal you are working towards, and mark down on a calendar every time you achieve part of it. Working out, for example. Get a streak going by working out four times a week, and coloring in the days you achieve that goal.

06. Tyrosine

This protein is one of the main building blocks of dopamine. Make sure your body is getting enough of it. Here’s a list of foods that contain it: dark chocolate, bananas, chicken, avocado & almonds!


07. Relaxing Music

One of the things that helps increase happiness is certainly relaxing music. Here is one of my favorite videos from our main YouTube channel.

08. Meditation

Get in the habit of practicing mindfulness, a type of meditation that is essential to keep your mind healthy and happy. Buddhist monks have practiced it for thousands of years.

Check out this article to learn how to do it

09. Natural Supplements

Sometimes a diet change is not enough, and we need a natural boost to increase dopamine production. Some of the most popular supplements include curcumin and ginkgo biloba.

10. Clean up Toxins

Finally, remember to give your body the opportunity to clean up from the toxins it may have accumulated which cause your body to go out of whack. Drink a lot, get enough sleep, and avoid fatty foods for a while! You’ll feel the difference soon enough.


I hope you will find these 10 way to be happy useful. For more info on how to stay happy always by living in a mindful way, check out the rest of the Meditation Relax Club blog!