12 Reasons to Fall in Love with Autumn

12 Reasons to Fall in Love with Autumn

12 Reasons to Fall in Love with Autumn

A new season is approaching. Summer says goodbye – bringing along its high temperatures – in order to give way to autumn and its mild climate. As climate change does not go unnoticed, some things in your life must also change. 

Autumn provides a sense of introspection, probably because of its gentle temperatures. To enjoy the moment, buy a good book, listen to music, watch a movie and invite friends to enjoy these moments indoors. Autumn is a time of transition between summer-winter temperature extremes. If you have any more doubts, here you can find 12 reasons to fall in love with autumn:

# 1 You won’t get out of the shower sweating

Because the weather gets milder. None of that 40 ° C heat that makes us bake. Not too hot, but not too cold either: this is a true accomplishment of autumn. 

# 2 It’s easier to save money

The electricity bill gives us a sigh a relief, especially because you don’t have to sleep all night with air conditioning or fan on. In addition, with the arrival of cold, wind and rain, the desire to go out is fading, giving rise to programs and evenings with the most homely friends and family.

# 3 Sleeping in a cozy cocoon of blankets is more bearable

It’s not so hot anymore and your body does not get sticky. The discomfort we all experience during hot summer nights is over! You can finally sleep a quiet night in the comfort of your cocoon.

# 4 More hot drinks

Think about the happiness of the tea freaks who keep buying boxes and boxes of English tea to quietly sip during this fall! I drink tea even in the summer, but sometimes the temperatures get too hot for us to enjoy our favorite cuppa. I love it in the morning, at night, at breakfast. Imagine: A dark room, watching a movie, with the noise of the rain outside and… a cup of tea!

# 5 Maybe you can organize that trip

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to travel. Not only is it cheaper than traveling during the summer or the holidays. Tourist hotspots tend to be less crowded as well. The trees are beautiful and the weather milder, which is perfect for exploring. Not too hot, but not too cold either: fall weather is perfect for travel.

# 6 People get stylish

What about your wardrobe during this season? I’m in love with the clothes I get to wear during fall. They are cozy without having to worry about the bulky coats yet. You can get lost among boots, hats, scarves… The number of clothes to mix and match seems endless!

# 7 No need to close the windows running late in the day

Because there are fewer mosquitoes and cockroaches. As temperatures go down, these summer pests tend to stick with metabolism and a slower life cycle. They proliferate less and tend to give you less of a hard time.

# 8 The sky gets bluer

Less moisture means fewer clouds and haze occupying skies in fall. With little to no clouds, its blue hue appears purer and the sky itself, more open and vast. Moreover, believe it or not, the very presence of fall’s red, orange, and multicolored leaves actually help give the sky’s blueness a color boost. Seeing any one of leaf colors against the backdrop of a clear blue sky makes the blue of the sky “pop” that much more.

# 9 Sunsets look better

The rays strike differently at the end of the day, as the brightness of the sun is already much weaker and does not overshadow the reflection of colors. The autumn sunset has something magical. Do you ever get that feeling when you just want to stop the clock just for a moment in order to make it last longer? Sometimes slowing down and enjoying an evening is the best medicine for the soul!

# 10 Time… takes time

Witnessing the cycle of life makes us appreciate life even more. The time when the multicolored leaves of the trees begin to fall, the fruits fall off the branches, and there they go. Nature prepares for a short rest, a good and necessary break in the life cycle. 

# 11 Taking a deep breath and relaxing is better with the autumn breeze

Contemplate the colors of this season: variations of sky blue, in contrast to the multicolored leaves that prepare to leave the trees. Beautiful and luminous multicolored contrasts permeate this season, showing that the leaving of the ancient leaves is full of beauty and charm; in the colors, the nuances of sunlight, the embrace of the wind. There is no loss; it is just a preparation for the natural renewal of life!

# 12 Sense of introspection: growing up

In the fall, it is important to question whether fear and doubt are preventing your higher ideals from being achieved. Time has come for you to become aware and compromise with yourself, letting go of what no longer serves you, what is hindering your steps into the next seasons of your growth.

Autumn is a magical season that is often overlooked. It is the best season because the weather is finally turning over, the multicolored leaves are changing colors, Christmas is coming and it’s a great time for reflection!

So, Let’s Fall in Love with Autumn!