13 Of The Strangest Superstitions From Around The World

13 Of The Strangest Superstitions From Around The World

13 Of The Strangest Superstitions From Around The World

What Is A Superstition?

With the changing of seasons and the long dark nights ahead, it is the perfect time of the year to celebrate all things supernatural and strange, which leads us to talk about  some of the different superstitions from around the world and their meaning. Superstitions are essentially omens of good or bad luck, they associate an event or action with a particular consequence despite having no concrete reason to believe that one would affect the other.

A superstitious person may be someone who believes in horoscopes, fortune telling, and  is generally more open to exploring their spirituality and believing in the paranormal. Some might say that you’re crazy or naive to believe in such things but, for thousand of years, human beings of various cultures and origins have thought that certain signs and symbols brought either fortune or misfortune into a person’s life.

To make things extra mystical we’ve got an unlucky number of 13 strange superstitions to tell you about.

1. America – 13

We will start with the number 13 which, as we preciously alluded to, is regularly associated with bad luck in the US and in most western superstition. Not only is the number itself bad luck, but Friday the 13th is also thought to be an unlucky day where misfortunate events are more likely to occur.


2. Italy – Friday The 17th

Whilst Friday the 13th is unpopular in some cultures, Friday the 17th has an equally bad reputation with Italians. When viewed as roman numerals, the number 17 takes on the appearance of the Latin sentence for “I have lived” which implies “my life is over” or, more directly, death.

3. France – Dog Poop

Stepping on dog poop is never particularly pleasant and is always best avoided but, for the French, stepping on dog droppings with your left foot will actually give you good fortune, whilst stepping on it with your right foot brings bad luck.

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4. Rwanda – Goats

In Rwanda, it is bad luck for women to eat goat meat as it is thought they will grow facial hair and beards like a goat.

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5. Turkey – Chewing Gum

The Turkish believe it is bad luck to chew gum at night as it will turn into the flesh of dead people in the dark of night (we said these would be strange..).

6. Russia – Bird Poop

It would seem there is a common theme when it comes to animal faeces as a symbol of luck, as in Russia a bird pooping on yourself, your car or your property is said to bring good luck.

7. Spain – Grapes

In Spain it is good luck to eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve. It is believed that it will bring 12 prosperous and fortunate months in the new year.

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8. Britain – Black Cat

In the UK, a black cat crossing your path can be considered a good or a bad thing depending on who you’re talking to. If a black cat does cross your path you might just want to hope for the best!

9. China – The number 4

In China, the number 4 is widely associated with bad luck as it is synonymous with the Chinese word for “death”. The number is avoided at all costs, being omitted from license plates, phone numbers and just about anything else.

10. Germany – Water

It is bad luck to cheers someone with water in Germany as you are said to be wishing death on everyone you are drinking with.

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11. South Korea – Fan

It is thought by South Koreans that running a fan at night in an enclosed room will kill or suffocate you. If you want to run a fan without inviting death, you must crack a window or leave the door open.

12. Brazil – Wallet

In Brazil, it is bad luck to let your wallet or purse touch the floor as it is thought to bring poverty to the owner (and nobody wants that).


… (Actually, let’s just leave it at 12, we wouldn’t want to bring bad luck to anyone!)