15 Minute Mindfulness Meditation Techniques to Reduce Stress

15 Minute Mindfulness Meditation Techniques to Reduce Stress

Meditation has been around for millennia, and for a reason. It can be used to improve so many aspects of our life, from emotion, to sleep control and pain management. Find out four different ways in which mindfulness meditation can be carried out in just 15 minutes a day.

Oh, mindfulness meditation, what’s the all the buzz about this practice about? Well, first of all, lets clear it out for everybody and define what it is. It has been described as the “nonjudgemental awareness of experiences in the present moment”, which is the consideration of occurrences, beings and objects without letting ourselves be overtaken by feeling when doing so. There are many reasons for undergoing mindfulness training. It lowers stress, it lets us know our true selves, it makes you a better person and lowers the risks of depression.

However, not everybody has the time to practice it every day. Here are four simple mindfulness meditation techniques you can carry out in just around 15 minutes if you live a hectic lifestyle but still want to reduce stress levels once in a while.

Mindful Eating

Choose a meal where you are not expected to socialize or to talk to someone. While eating, shift your full attention to every bite you take. Analyze and focus on the smell, sight, taste and touch of your food. Immerse yourself in this experience, and slowly enjoy your meal.

Mindfulness Breathing Techniques

Choose a place and time where your time would otherwise be wasted, such as the subway, the bus or while waiting for a meal to cook. Focus on your breathing, and on how your breath is slowly drawn in and out. Spend five minutes in this state of awareness, and block out all your surroundings while doing so.

Mindful Yoga Exercises

Set aside 15 minutes in a quiet, open and secure spot. Do not treat this just like any other session at the gym… Treat it like your very special meditation. Concentrate fully on each pose, and let the physical awareness of what you are doing completely embrace your being. Observe the feelings that are born from each pose from afar.

Body Scan Meditation

Sit down comfortably, somewhere where nobody will disturb or distract you. For this mindfulness meditation techniques, shift all of your focus on a specific part of your body. Start from your toes, and slowly move up towards your ankles, feet, legs, knees… Go up to your head, and become aware of your whole being.

I hope you will find these four mindfulness meditation techniques and exercises both simple and useful! May they be a help in your fight to reduce stress and finding inner peace.