150.000 followers on Youtube, get your special gift

150.000 followers on Youtube, get your special gift

150000 followers on Youtube, get your special gift

It’s with great pleasure that we are here to announce to you that we’ve finally reach 150.000 followers on our main youtube channel Meditation Relax Club.

A fantastic goal indeed, for a Youtube channel, which is only 1 year old and started from scratch into the world of meditation and relaxation music.

Mindfulness meditation and peace of mind are the keys of our production for a music channel that nowadays can boast more than 50 million of views and has almost 500 music videos.

Our followers can choose among 7 different playlists, from meditation and buddhist new age music to wellness and spa relaxing music, together with guided meditation and autogenic training in English, Italian, German, Spanish and much more.

We would like to thank all our employees, from the composers to the digital producers and web designers, to the masters of meditation and our fitness coach, too.

You’re making a dream possible!

But first of all, a big THANKS goes to each one of you, dear followers and friends, who subscribe our channel and begin a journey through our music and sounds, following step by step the evolution of a great community.

Meditation Relax Club is the mother of all meditation and relaxation music channels, that gave birth to Buddha Tribe, our second home, Sleep Music Relax Zone, where you can find the best sleeping music ever, together with pet music therapy and a specialized playlist for new mothers.

A big family also has different characters, in this case we have lounge and chillout music, too, with other 2 music channels, Chillout Lounge Relax and Sensual Music Club.

Mind, soul and finally body with Workout Music Channel 1, the tube for fitness and wellness music.

150.000 followers is a great goal, as I said before, and it’s for this reason that we decided to thank you all with the best we can do.

One video tribute realized in a splendid italian garden and a gift for you!

Click on the Soundcloud link and download your song for free.

Find out this special music, for this occasion only  “Meditation Relax Club – The Beach”

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