21 Habits of Happy People

21 Habits of Happy People

Happiness is not something you can create by yourself. It is generated by your own actions. Try adopting these 21 habits of happy people to achieve that happiness.

No medicine cures what happiness cannot.” – Gabriel García Márquez

Happiness is a state of mind that everybody hopes to achieve and maintain. Finding happiness, and keeping it in ones life for a long time is not an easy feat. It flows away with just a couple of words, in the second taken to exchange a glance. Being happy is what everyone aspires for; no one wants to be depressed and sad. However, some of us find this extremely simple, while others struggle just to bask in the warm ray of hope given by this feeling for a few minutes.

We’ve all seen people that are happy and positive even in the hardest of times. They can still feel pain and sorrow, but they do not let the negativity take over their lives. Here are 21 habits of happy people that you should also try out:

1. Persist. Keep going, no matter how hard the challenge you are facing may seem.

2. Optimism. Stay optimist, and try seeing the glass half full rather than half empty. Keep the negative part of yourself away, or it will take over before you know it.

3. Spend Some Time Alone. When you feel like you need to think to yourself, do not be afraid to separate from others and listen to what your heart has to say to you.

4. Do Not Compare. Stop comparing yourself to others and what they have achieved. You are special and unique, and no-one’s achievements can overshadow this fact.

5. Be Gentle on Yourself. Learn to appreciate yourself as you are. Strive to improve and grow.

6. Meditate. Try meditating every day. Learn to cut some time to try and break away from all worries and desires.

7. Forgive. Hold no anger or resentment against your enemies. Learn to forgive people and let the negative thoughts flow away.

8. Be Inspired. Let the beauty of small things inspire you and soothe you. Take some time even just to look at the sun rise in the morning.

9. Let Go of Things. Try not to hold on to what you cannot control. Do not let negative events take control of your emotions.

10. Nature. Spend some time in nature. Take a walk once a day, and stay in the sun.

11. Appreciate Life. When you wake up, be thankful for being alive; keep the sense of wonder of a child when you experience new things.

12. Choose Your Friends. Surround yourself with people that share your feelings of positivity and your values. Encourage each other in achieving your goals and learn how to make people happy before being happy yourself.

13. Be Considerate. Analyze different points of view before taking a final stance.

14. Keep Learning. Never stop learning – take up a constructive hobby or a sport that can better you as a person. Who knows, you might even find friends with which to share your passions.

15. Laugh. Keep on laughing, even during the toughest times. This is one of the most common habits of happy people – they are able to laugh even when sad.

16. Do What You Love. And love what you do. Invest your time in activities that make you feel accomplished.

17. Be Honest. To yourself and to your loved ones. Lies can only lead to other lies and to being uncomfortable around the people whom you have told them to.

18. Be Proactive. Accept that you have limitations, and determine what you can achieve within these limits.

19. Be Confident. Do not try to be someone you are not. Believe in yourself and in what you are doing.

20. Write a Journal. Express yourself and write your feelings in a journal. Go back and read the entries where you were happiest to cheer up during bad times.

21. Take Responsibility. Don’t blame your mood, attitude and thoughts on others. Take full responsibility on how you are feeling, and be the first to admit mistakes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this list of 21 habits of happy people. Follow these guidelines, and you are sure to find inner peace.

May this help you in finding happiness,


  1. Michelle melhado

    Thanx a lot for this article….I have BPD and I constantly struggle with negative thoughts… I will definitely try to practice these tip…. Once again thanx…

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