21 Tips to Sleep Better

21 Tips to Sleep Better

If you are on your third coffee through the day and you still do not feel awake enough, its a clear sign that you need to improve the quality of your sleep. Follow these 21 tips to sleep better in order to achieve that goal!

A bad sleeping pattern can have negative effects both on your body and your emotional state. You become irritable, short tempered and generally unpleasant to be around. Your physique can also be affected in the long term: you gain weight more easily and have a much higher chance of having a heart attack when you grow older. How to avoid this? Just read on these ways to sleep better and improve the quality of your rest through them!

1. Sleep in a Fresh Room. According to the National Sleep Foundation, you should sleep in a room with a temperature ranging from 15 to 20°C. Come on now, open that window and let some fresh air inside!

2. Read a Book. Start reading before dozing off. If you keep doing it, your brain will soon learn that it is a signal to shut itself off and get ready for sleeping.

3. Switch Off Your Phone. Have to temptation to distract yourself. When you go to bed, switch off your phone and if possible place it in another room.

4. Unclutter. Remove all the clutter from the room where you are supposed to sleep. A clean room is a relaxing room.

5. Take a Hot Bath. You can get washed and raise your body temperature by a couple of degrees, which help you sleep better.

6. Try Out Meditation. Take the stress out of your lives with some healthy meditation.

7. Get Up. Getting up for 30 minutes might seem strange, but sometimes when insomnia kicks in it might be the best help you can get. Go in another room and just do something else before trying to get back into bed.

8. Sleep Naked. Sleeping naked can help your skin breathe and make you feel at easy under your covers.

9. Or Sleep with a Decent Pajama! If you can’t say no to clothes, make sure you at least wear comfortable ones. Wear loose pajamas that make you perspire; leave your tight yoga pants in the gym where they belong!

10. Have a Cup of Tea. Sipping a cup of light tea will help you unwind and relax.

11. Stop Smoking. According to a study, smokers wake up more easily than none smokers during the night.

12. Stop “Trying” to Sleep. Sleep will come to you; stop trying to chase it as it will make you weary in the wrong way.

13. Use the Best Sleeping Music Around. Listen to the right music to help you sleep. Here is some from our youtube channel:

14. Go To Pee. Nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night just because you need to take a trip to the bathroom, am I right?

15. Wear Socks. Keeping the most vulnerable part of your body warm will make you feel safe and sleepy.

16. Eat a Banana. The carbohydrates in a banana can make you feel sleepy; eating a fruit before going to bed is one of the most unique tips to sleep better.

17. Bed Position. Sleeping by facing your door with give you a sense of security: in case someone came in, your brain would subconsciously know that you would immediately notice the intruder.

18. Imagine a Relaxing Place. Close your eyes, and imagine being in the most relaxing place for you; a beach, a field, your childhood home. Let your imagination run wild!

19. No TV Before Bed. Avoid falling asleep in front of the TV. When the time to go to bed comes, switch it off and change room.

20. Lavender. Simple but true, Lavender essence can help you sleep, lower your heart rate and relax.

21. Avoid Caffeine. If you really can’t avoid drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, make sure that you do not drink any after lunch.

I hope you found these tips and ways to sleep better useful. Let them be of help to you during the times when you need them the most.