3 Apps for Meditation: The BEST Mindfulness Apps

3 Apps for Meditation: The BEST Mindfulness Apps

3 Apps for Meditation: The BEST Mindfulness Apps

Meditation has been around for centuries. Recent studies have shown that not only can it declutter your mind, but it can also improve your physical health.

For some, practicing meditation can be a bit of a hassle. Finding the right mood, time, and space can prove to be quite difficult. Thankfully, there are apps for meditation that help us improve the conditions around us, or even teach us hot to do meditation the correct way. We selected a list of the three best mindfulness apps you can download both for iOS and Android phones. Try them out, and let us know in the comments if you found them useful! The best part? They’re all FREE!

01. An App to Properly Time your Meditation Sessions

Need to organize the amount of time you have at your disposal when you need to meditate? Here’s the most useful companion you can wish for when you’re about to start a meditation session, and you can’t absolutely allow yourself to lose track of time. Tibetan Bowls Meditation Timer will help you manage how long you can stay aloof in a blissful state of mindfulness, gracefully pulling you back to reality with a gentle bell sound once the time is over.

Have a meeting or an event you just can’t miss, but still want to meditate before it? Head on over to the iTunes or Google Store, and download this app!

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02. An App with the Right Music and Sounds

Sometimes, atmosphere makes or breaks a mindfulness session. Among all meditation apps, Buddhist Meditation is one of the most useful: it has all the right music and sounds to make sure you won’t be distracted by negative thoughts while in a state of deep relaxation. 20 peaceful songs and 10 amazing sounds of nature make sure you can create almost endless combinations of playlists with different natural sounds as backgrounds in order to make your meditations even more enjoyable.

Try it out either for iOS or Android!

03. An App for Your Sleep Disorders

Ever heard about Delta Waves? They are special frequencies associated with a state of deep sleep. Listening to them is said to promote relaxation and lucid dreaming, which makes Binaural Beats Delta Waves the perfect app for meditation to use. Not only it can help you fight insomnia, but it can aid you finding peace when you need it the most.
Head on over to
Google Play or the iTunes Store to download this app for meditation and try out the power of Delta Waves!


I hope you found this article useful. May these free meditation apps prove to be a great help in the future, when you need to take that extra step in order to finally reach mindfulness. Namaste!

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