3 Himalayan Pink Salt Uses and Their Respective Benefits

3 Himalayan Pink Salt Uses and Their Respective Benefits

3 Himalayan Pink Salt Uses and Their Respective Benefits

Himalayan salt comes straight from Punjab, a geographical region caught between eastern Pakistan and northern India. It’s known to many due to its very distinctive pink color. Though not everyone knows that there are many Himalayan pink salt uses that go way beyond the culinary applications.

Some choose to use it instead of sea salt because of its higher level of nutrients. Others, prefer the pink salt because many of the minerals inside of it are proven to be effective when it comes to maintaining strong bones and connective tissues.

But what are some of the most unusual uses? Below we’ve provided you 3 particular ones with their respective benefits.

1. Himalayan salt lamp

Believe it or not, it’s possible to create a small salt lamp out of a chunk of Himalayan salt and it’s a practice that is growing quite fast in popularity. You might’ve seen one without even knowing what it was. And on top of emanating a unique glow, these small salt lamps should release negative ions improving the air quality.

They pull moisture from the surroundings and pour it into the salt. So as a result of breathing a much fresher air, you should be able to sleep better and for longer while feeling more energized.

2. Himalayan salt inhalers

Have you ever looked for an asthma treatment at home? Here you got one! Himalayan salt therapy, along the third use presented just below, is exactly what it looks like. A series of uses of this special salt that can alleviate many physical conditions such as asthma, soreness, and high blood pressure. There are special inhalers that can be purchased that come already packed with Himalayan salt. By using them for a few minutes each day you should notice an improvement with your asthma, or other respiratory ailments.


3. Himalayan salt bath

Doing Himalayan salt baths regularly are the second part of following a rigid Himalayan salt therapy. Simply add some salt every time you take a warm bath and reap all the benefits starting from today! These baths will make your skin softer and purify your entire body from dangerous toxins you assimilate during the day.


Are you surprised at all by these 3 Himalayan pink salt uses? I sure was. So why don’t you go ahead and locate the faster way of obtaining some of this precious product? It can improve your quality of life in so many ways that ignoring it would be insane. Not to mention that it’s truly the cheapest way of getting some asthma treatment at home, soothing your arthritis pain, and purifying your body.