4 Alternatives to Meditation

4 Alternatives to Meditation

4 Alternatives to Meditation

Over the years, I’ve repeatedly recommended meditation to many of my friends. Eric is just the last one who decided to follow through. After a few tries, though, he told me he was getting frustrated with his attempts. He says that meditation isn’t clicking with him. You sit and focus on your breath, and you let thoughts pass by refocusing on your body. But how do the spiritual and mental benefits come through? I just can’t get the hang of it, he says.
There are guides to overcome these difficulties. As a beginner, everything’s bound to feel weird and confusing. But you could also consider alternatives to meditation. Meditating isn’t the only way to practice mindfulness. And if you’re keen on finding alternative approaches that are just as useful (and easier to master), just keep reading!

Art Therapy

Art therapy consists of the use of creative practices like painting or drawing to help people express themselves and examine the psychological undertones in their art. While you may need an art therapist to truly understand the way art can reveal your psychological disposition, mindful drawing can still help you out. By actually connecting to what you’re creating, you can calm your mind and relieve stress and anxiety. Here’s how to get started.

A Pet As Therapy

Any pet owner can tell you that having an animal companion is one of the most effective non-pharmaceutical antidotes to stress you can get. I feel like I naturally have a great deal of anxiety, and being around my rabbit greatly reduces it. He is loving, hilarious, and sweet. Any pet can encourage playfulness, laughter, and exercise, which will boost your vitality and make you feel better.

Communing With Nature

When’s the last time you communed with Nature? Thoreau was right, we can never have enough of it. We are hard-wired to love the natural world. However, if you can’t shut off your computer right now and go for a hike, I have some good news for you. Even the mere images and sounds of a natural environment can decrease stress in people exposed to negative stimuli. This video is just perfect to try it out.

Listening to Music

If you’re not too keen on Nature, music can be a great alternative. Listening to music is an effective tool to find emotional release, identify and process difficult experiences, and improve your overall wellbeing. One problem Eric has with meditation is that he finds his mind wandering to other thoughts while trying to focus on clearing it. Listening to music actually drowns out the narrative in your head so that you can actively listen instead of overthinking.

These four alternatives to meditation can help you in pretty much the same ways meditation does. But there’s more. They also work as tricks to actually ease yourself into meditation. Once your brain starts absorbing musical and natural vibes, the constant chattering of your monkey mind will start receding slowly. Either way, you’re all set to feel refreshed and relieved.