4 Causes of Tiredness & How To Fix Them!

4 Causes of Tiredness & How To Fix Them!

Are you reaching the end of the day and feeling an uncomfortable wave of tiredness that sets in? These are the probable reasons that may be causing it…

The end of the day is approaching, and you feel like you absolutely need that third cup of coffee, or else you will collapse on the couch and stare at the TV mindlessly, without fully enjoying the last hours that this day has to offer? Then you might be doing something wrong during the day! Here are 4 causes of tiredness that you probably did not know existed:


Mild dehydration is one of the least suspectable causes of tiredness out there. You may not even realize it, but by drinking too little you expose your body to unwanted tiredness.

How to fix it? Next time you are feeling tired, try chugging down a glass of room temperature water. Start measuring how much you drink during the day, and consider always bringing a bottle around with you!

Sitting Down for too Long

Having an office job, you sit down for the most part of your day. You travel from house to work while sitting in the bus or in your car, and as soon as you reach your destination you transition to a desk chair once again. By doing so, you put your body into idle mode: it does not receive the necessary oxygen and blood circulation stimuli.

How to fix it? Go for a walk, even in the office if you lack time to go out! Studies have shown that getting up and moving about increases energy levels for a couple of hours. But if you really can, do go outside; staying out in the sun boosts serotonin levels and lets you get back to work refreshed.

A Messy Workspace

A cluttered and messy bedroom desk may be the reason why you are always feeling tired. Leaving unfinished work out in the open just confuses you, reminding you that it should be done.

How to fix it? The bedroom should be for sleeping, not for working. If you must, leave only the necessary items on your desk. Go through every item and decide whether you absolutely need it on a daily basis: all the rest has to go!

A Healthy Breakfast

The most important meal of the day, breakfast. If you forget to eat it, your body may never truly wake up, and if you eat too much, you risk feeling sluggish.

How to fix it? Consider carefully what you are eating at breakfast. Is it whole grain? Are you eating any fruit or vegetables? Would you consider adding some protein to it? By researching a better breakfast you might avoid feeling tired in the future…

If you finally found the answer to the question “Why do I feel tired”, I a happy I could be of help! Remember to pop into our youtube channel and check out all of the great relaxing music that could help you fall asleep at night.