4 Motivation Songs: Overcoming Low Self-Esteem with Music

4 Motivation Songs: Overcoming Low Self-Esteem with Music

Having self esteem issues? Building self esteem can be difficult, but these songs about self confidence may help you out!

This playlist is sure to help you out with improving your self esteem while working out. Studies prove that a strong and fast beat actually increases your heart beat and increases your athletic capabilities. Listening to music has been known to be banned from official sports competition as it stimulates you to go faster!

A good beat can make your body work at its limit. Try it out with this small compilation we made for you:

Number 4:

A southern Spanish tune resembling flamenco that can be used for light workout and fitness. Start warming up your muscles while listening to this slow but powerful electric guitar tune!

Number 3:

A 30 minute long music compilation. These tunes are more varied than the previous and jump from powerful ones to more tranquil songs. Try them out and see which ones help you building your self confidence and get your blood pumping. β†’ WATCH VIDEO

Number 2:

Electronic tunes come back in second place. Almost no vocals here, just pure music that you can listen care freely for improving your self esteem.

Number 1:

An everlasting classic at number 1! If you have ever seen the movie β€œRocky” you probably understand why we chose this as our top song for building self esteem. If you were looking for the right song to study for an exam or building your self esteem, then it’s probably Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. β†’ WATCH VIDEO

So? Have you started dancing?

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