5 Alternative Methods Of Meditation

5 Alternative Methods Of Meditation

5 Alternative Methods Of Meditation

If you hate the idea of doing ‘nothing‘, the thought of meditating might send fear coursing through your veins. The reality is, however, that meditation does not always have to take place in a seated or still position, and it doesn’t have to involve doing nothing at all. Meditation is a state of mind, so if you are able to reach that place of inner calm whilst preoccupying your mind with a particular activity, you just might be able to have the best of both worlds.

1. Breathing Meditation

Let’s start with the basics, breathing. If you are a living human being, the chances are you are breathing anyway, so why not turn that basic primal function into an opportunity to meditate and find peace within yourself? Breathing exercises are one of the easiest meditation methods to start with, just practice inhaling and exhaling deeply and try to clear your mind.


2. Colouring Meditation

Mindfulness colouring books are everywhere at the moment, and the reason they are so popular is because of how relaxing they are. They help to focus your mind on the moment and escape reality so they are great for people who suffer from stress or anxiety. You also end up with a beautifully coloured book at the end of it which is a nice added bonus.

3. Classical Music

Listening to music can be really therapeutic and help to distract our mind from overthinking. To fully reap the benefits of musical meditation, listen to something slow and calming which will put you at ease and send you into a deep relaxation. Classical music is perfect for this, so put on your favourite classical playlist and listen to your heart’s content.

4. Yoga

Yoga helps to combine exercise, meditation and mindfulness all in one. Not only is it great for your body and improves flexibility, fitness and strength, it is also great for the mind and restores a sense of balance and wellbeing. Start simple if you are a beginner, and over time work your way up to more complicated and challenging poses if you wish to become a true yogi master.

5. Dance

Dancing is a great way to get in tune with your mind and body, and a great form of exercise overall. Whether you want to join a dance class or just dance around your sitting room is up to you, the important thing is to get lost in the the moment and let yourself go entirely. What better way to shake off the stresses of everyday life then with a spontaneous dance session!