5 Cheap & Unique Halloween Costume Ideas!

5 Cheap & Unique Halloween Costume Ideas!

Halloween is right around the corner. If you still have no idea as to how to dress up, here are some cheap last minute costumes that are sure to be a hit!

No inspiration on how to dress up this Halloween? Here are the 5 best last minute costumes we found across the internet:

Van Gogh

To pull off this unique halloween costume you just need two things: an epic ginger beard and a friend that knows how to paint! Extremely cheap, but of great impact.

Van Gogh painter

3D Glasses

The perfect example of how simple objects can be turned into unique halloween costumes. Who would have thought 3D glasses could make such a cute dress?

3D glasses

Miley Cyrus

We are sure to get a lot of Mileys around this Halloween. If you have the right hair, you can pull it off as an original last minute costume. Remember to stick out your tongue when people are taking your picture!

miley cyrus

Men in Black

Nothing more satisfying than dressing up with your friends. MIB is one of the cheap halloween costumes that never grows old. Plus, tuxedos look badass.

Men in Black MIB

Error 404: Costume Not Found

When you have not found a costume in time, be honest about it in an ironic way. A geeky last minute costume that takes no effort or time to make whatsoever!

error code 404


A special thanks to for pictures and inspiration.

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Happy Halloween and have fun creating your own costume!

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