5 Daily Positive Affirmations to Overcome Difficulties in Life

5 Daily Positive Affirmations to Overcome Difficulties in Life

5 Daily Positive Affirmations to Overcome Difficulties in Life

Facing constant challenges is simply part of everyone’s life. You can’t do anything about it. What you can do, however, is changing how you react when things start to get tough. Maintaining a positive outlook no matter what is key. But is it really that easy? I’m afraid not.

If you don’t want to get overwhelmed every time a problem knocks at your door you need to be ready at all times. This can be guaranteed by using daily positive affirmations in order to remind yourself that you’re more than capable of handling anything. It’s all about aligning positive thoughts to your actions essentially. If you use powerful affirmations together with other self-acceptance exercises you too will be able to overcome difficulties with simplicity.

We’ve singled out 5 affirmations we really love. But rest assured that there are so many helpful ones that you’ll eventually find what feels “just right”.

1. All is Well in My Life

Simple and concise. Use this on a regular basis, maybe in front of a mirror, to remind yourself that you’re living an amazing life. When you believe that everything is ok, then so it will be. This is the perfect affirmation to maintain a positive outlook even when you find yourself in grim situations.

2. Everything is as it Should be

You can’t control everything in life. This affirmation is very powerful because it reminds you that, while you can’t change many things, everything tends to work out well in the end. It’s all part of a master plan, you just have to focus on what you can actually control to get the best possible outcome.


3. I am at Peace

This is among the best self-acceptance exercises. The words “I am” connect your ego to your higher self. Therefore, by stating this affirmation, you should gain the confidence you need to be ok with everything that may happen. You’re fine, whether dealing with a specific problem will take you hours, days, or even weeks.

4. I Release What No Longer Serves Me

Repeat this synchronizing it with your breathing. This is one of those powerful affirmations that work almost as a meditation technique. Imagine that you’re inhaling positivity and strength while releasing unnecessary negativity. With this affirmation you should manage to lower your anxiety and fear of failure.


5. This too Shall Pass

Everything in life is temporary, you must remember that. Repeating this in your head gives you the needed strength to move on even when you feel like you’ve completely lost control.


You can use these powerful affirmations whenever you feel like. However, we suggest you to say them in the morning as part of your wake-up routine! If you wish to know more about why is it so important to establish a routine in the morning, head over our article!