5 Easy Steps For Overcoming Fears

5 Easy Steps For Overcoming Fears

5 Easy Steps For Overcoming Fears

What happens when a person fails to overcome fear? Facing your fears is perhaps one of the toughest things we have to do but do not be afraid any longer, we have 5 steps which can get you through even the smallest of stumbling blocks.

1) Mind over Matter

It’s incredible what the human brain is capable of. It controls our every move, our every thought, our every decision. It’s important that we listen to our inner mind and focus on what it tells us. Staying in tune with oneself is crucial to self awareness and development. However, sometimes our brain takes over and tells us things that aren’t true, or at least haven’t happened yet. Fear is that little voice that says ‘don’t do it!’, ‘it’s dangerous’ or ‘I don’t like this’. This is fine when we truly are in danger but for everyday events such as job interviews, social settings and flying on an aeroplane this is a voice that we don’t need to listen to. Instead, train yourself to overcome fear and put irrational doubts aside. The power of positive thinking is an incredible force – use it to drown out the negative thoughts which can consume our minds.

2) Face it

Look your fear in the face and do not be afraid of it. This is easier said than done but baby steps are important. If you are scared of heights, start with very small heights and go from there. Push yourself further than you think you can go and with time it will become easier. If you are scared of public speaking, practice in front of a mirror. Pretend you are in a crowded room and imagine what it feels like. Work towards an end goal, once you start facing your fears they will cease to control you and you will be free.

3)  Healthy Lifestyle

It might not seem like an obvious one, but the health of your mind and body will impact your entire mental wellbeing. Whilst a healthy person will still have fears, they are less likely to suffer from crippling anxiety as they find the mental strength to deal with scary situations more effectively. Some of this involves maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime but it also comes from your mindset, how happy, confident and self assured you are. If you want to overcome fear, start by looking at yourself and figure out what it is that makes you scared of something. Why does it scare you? Why does it have a hold over you? What is the worst thing that can possibly happen if your  fear materialises? Question yourself and look inwards for these answers, the fear lies in you and you alone.

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4) Focus on the Positive

I touched on it briefly earlier but positive thinking is crucial when you want to overcome fear. It is not an easy thing to do but you need to block out the negative thoughts that enter your mind when you are in a situation that makes you uneasy. Focus on something good, think about happy things and things that you like, things that make you laugh. If you can make light of your fear and incorporate humour into it somehow you’ll make it so much easier on yourself.  Remind yourself why it is important to overcome it and what positive things you will get from doing so. Maybe you’ll get a good grade in school for public speaking, maybe it means you’ll travel more if you didn’t like planes, maybe it means you don’t feel dread in crowded places – whatever the case may be take control of the fear and turn it into something pleasant.

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5) Don’t Give Up!

Possibly the most important lesson in all of this, and even in life in general, is to not give up. Don’t beat yourself up for having failed at doing something because you were scared, just pick yourself up and try again. We all have moments where we just want to run away from something, and sometimes we give in and listen to fear, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end. Learning how to face your fears is something that requires constant practice. Like anything we learn in life it takes time and energy and sometimes we don’t get it right. You can fail a hundred times but you haven’t lost until you stop trying, so don’t stop trying.

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