5 Evening Mantras to Complete Your Day

5 Evening Mantras to Complete Your Day

After a long hard day we’re all in need of a little down time, right? One of the most beneficial ways to spend your downtime is by practising evening meditation. Evening meditation is not only a wonderful relaxation technique, but a fantastic way to build your confidence, de-stress you and even help you sleep better.

Previously I wrote about the ‘5 Morning Mantras to Help You Start The Day Right’ and the benefits of morning meditation. However, evening meditation can be just as beneficial. It’s taking some time to reflect, close your day and most importantly, pat yourself on the back. 

Let’s begin. Find a comfortable, peaceful place. A place where you can go uninterrupted. Next, select some zen meditation music or use the video below. You can lie down or sit up, as long as you comfortable.

Now close your eyes, taking deep breaths in and big breaths out. In between inhaling and exhaling, repeat each of these mantras 3 times. Allow your mind to breath in the positivity, and exhale the hecticness of the day.

5. “I am always doing my best.”

Don’t doubt yourself when you’re repeating this mantra. Plenty of us believe we never work hard enough. We could always do more. This kind of mindset only drags us down. You are doing your best. 

I want you to believe this mantra when you repeat it to yourself. Take the words for what they mean and let the power of thinking positive take over.

4. “I am perfectly imperfect.”

Nobody is perfect. Not me, not you, not even Gandhi is perfect. Everyone’s perception of “perfect” is different, it’s an unattainable goal. This mantra gives you one step forward to loving yourself, imperfections included!

Learning to love yourself will help you gain confidence in all areas of life. When repeating this mantra keep the negatives thoughts out of your head, allowing the words of positivity to be absorbed.

3. “I choose my path.”

You choose your path. You choose your destiny.  No one else can tell you what to do with your life, it is up to you. Feel the sense of empowerment uplift your spirit. You are the boss of yourself, no one else.

This mantra not only helps boost your self-esteem, but it excites you for tomorrow, all the possibilities and all your potential.

2. “Wake up to the good in my life.”

Remain humble, be grateful. These are qualities of a great, positive mindset. This mantra will instill in you both humbleness and gratitude into your mind, body and soul. When you wake up in the morning you won’t think “Ugh, time to get ready for work.”.

You will think of all the good in your life instead, thus picking up your spirit before the day even begins!

1. “I am enough.”

Yes you are.

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Plenty of people find that evening meditation cleanses your mind, body and soul. I completely agree, meditating in the evening allows you to lift that daily baggage off your shoulders. If you’re new to meditation and want some tips and advice check out our blog ‘The First-Timers Guide to Meditation’.

If you’ve never meditated before you may find it difficult to keep thoughts from popping into your head. That’s completely normal! It’s all about practising. Give yourself the challenge of practising these evening mantras everyday for a week and see if your mind is more positive thinking!

Until next time, from all of us at Meditation Relax Club, happy meditating!