5 Foods To Eat Before Yoga

5 Foods To Eat Before Yoga

Doing exercise without eating a light snack is not a very good idea. That goes for when you practice yoga as well, as it can be a very intense and physically demanding experience.

Performing Yoga while on a completely empty stomach, as well as on a stomach filled with the wrong foods, can cause harm. Some poses are meant to make you release toxins, but eating the incorrectly can affect you in a negative way. Here is a list of five light snacks that best to be eaten 30 minutes to one hour before starting your yoga session. They are easy to digest, and have enough calories to support you through light exercise!


We recently went through this in the last article we published. Bananas are awesome for so many different reasons – they contain a lot of fibers which keep you feeling full and satisfied, and which help regulate the amount of sugar that is gradually released in your bloodstream while you exercise. This fruit fits perfectly in a yoga diet; its high magnesium content helps prevent muscle cramps that can occur during a long exercise routine.


The perfect health food; energy packed, convenient, and tasty! Raw unsalted almonds are an extremely easy to digest light snack that will help prevent unpleasant hunger pangs during your yoga session. They contain antioxidants and vitamins that will help you sustain your energy levels.


Try including this in your pre yoga healthy eating habits; just a few tablespoons of oats will allow you to feel full and forget hunger for a long time. They are filled with complex carbohydrates, and take a long time to digest.


The most fatty fruit known to us: avocados are fresh, tasty and pleasant. You should however beware of how many calories they contain! Better to eat them an hour before working out, so as to absorb all their nutrients and burn off the good fat in them.


A simple smoothie makes for a great yoga food. Its quickly absorbed and gives you lots of energy. Try this recipe out: blend together some coconut water, some baby spinach and some chia seeds! Enjoy chilled at least one hour before your yoga sessions.

Eating the right yoga food will keep you concentrated and satisfied during exercise. Make sure to choose the nutrients that you decide to take in carefully, as your body will thank you for that in the future. Here is some relaxing music you can enjoy during your sessions: