5 Healing Mantras to Reduce Stress

5 Healing Mantras to Reduce Stress

5 Healing Mantras to Reduce Stress

Mantras are used during meditation to strengthen an intention or purpose. Be still, and try repeating these mantras to reduce stress.

Open your spirit to peace and understanding, focus your energy and repeat these healing mantras. Do it aloud or silently; you just need to concentrate on the meaning of the words as they enter your mind, body and soul.

There is no Wrong Decision

All the choices you have made were not wrong. They have shaped who you are, and made you a better person. Even the outcomes that can be considered negative were actually positive in the end, because you were able to learn a lesson from them.

Everything is Temporary

Nothing is forever. Everything will end someday, and it won’t matter anymore. Ice will melt. Fire will burn out. The sun will set and rise again, and a new day will start with every new dawn.


I’ve Survived my Past

I can’t run from my past, but the thought that I have survived it gives me strength. What has happened has only been a chance to become stronger and to learn. I love myself, and love what I have become.


I Trust the Universe

Everything is meant to be there for a reason. I trust the universe and its guidance, and I believe that it is all part of something much greater than what I am. I choose to believe that I am ok with what I am. I am enough and I like myself!

Be Still and Know

Be still, and find enjoyment in this moment. This task makes me happy, and this stillness is beautiful. I choose to enjoy even the little things, as they are what they make life worth living.


That’s it! I hope you can enjoy these 5 healing mantras next time you set out to be mindful, and that they may bring you happiness. For more information on a healthy, happy lifestyle, don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog!