5 Ideas to Start 2021 Off Right

5 Ideas to Start 2021 Off Right

5 Ideas to Start 2021 Off Right

The start of the new year is the perfect time to start anew. Or maybe not. Some people are inspired to forge a new path because the calendar signals it’s time; others frown upon the idea that a new habit has to start on a certain date.
When it comes to personal change, we’re all different. There’s no one right way. What works for you might not work for me.
So, if your sister-in-law tells you how starting yoga changed her life but you just can’t stick to a yoga routine, don’t get discouraged. It just means you need to find a different strategy that works for you.
Here are some fresh ideas. 

Flower Gazing Meditation

Flowers are symbols of life and beauty. They are not just objects but living beings whose energy can be deeply healing. Start practicing Taoist flower gazing meditation and connect yourself to their essential life energy. Be sure to choose a flower that resonates with you though. Here’s why a lotus flower is definitely my choice.

Try Naked Meditation

Over the last few years, the body positivity movement changed the way we perceive our bodies and taught us to reclaim our self-worth. We tend to forget that our naked self is an important part of who we are. That’s why by becoming more comfortable with our own naked body we become more comfortable with ourselves. We become freer, more spontaneous, and less guarded. A great way to do so is through naked meditation.

Stop Repeating the Same Mistakes

The start of the new year looks like the perfect time to reflect back on the bad habits of the year past. Look even further back and don’t fall for the worst wellness trends of the 2010s. Bonus tip: there’s one trend we actually loved.

A New Morning Routine

I used to wake up every day stumbling out of bed and immediately looking for my coffee maker. Not anymore. I’ve replaced coffee with a hot cup of water and lemon. You know how important it is to hydrate your body after a long night of sleep. Plus, the lemon loads the drink with healthy vitamin C. I still make myself a cup of coffee later in the morning, but I wanted a healthier jumpstart for my day. Here are a few other healthy habits for a great morning routine.

New Year’s Kanban Board

Pandemic aside, a lot of what 2021 has in store is under your control. If you want to make the most out of the new year, it’s important to really commit to your resolutions. A Kanban board is the perfect tool to keep track of your progress and not lose focus. Let’s call it your New Year’s resolution board. Thanks to Kanban, it will be easier for you to visualize your goals and accomplish them within a much needed specific time frame.

Want more tips like these? We’re obsessed with finding easier and healthier ways to live. Stick with us to kickstart the new year. In the meantime our very best wishes from everyone here at Meditation Relax Club!