5 Meditation Exercises to Fight Debilitating Anxiety

5 Meditation Exercises to Fight Debilitating Anxiety

5 Meditation Exercises to Fight Debilitating Anxiety

If you’re dealing with anxiety of any sort, you know how hard it is to keep it in check. Such condition can really gain control of your whole life if you don’t do anything about it. So, today, we decided to tell you about 5 meditation exercises that are proven to be helpful when it comes to managing anxiety.

Some of them are just breathing exercises to relax rather than fully fledged meditation techniques. They come especially in handy when you have very little time to meditate or find yourself in need of lowering your anxiety levels on the go. This list has been compiled in order to make it viable for literally anyone! In fact, there’s no need to be already an expert in meditation to practice any of these exercises.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Hold one of your nostrils down with your thumb and inhale through the other one. Then close them both and hold your breath. Release the first one you held down and exhale. This is really all there is to it. Repeat this for as long as you wish. Do keep in mind, however, that a minimum of five sets are needed in order yield any benefit.


The 100-Breaths Method

Make sure to be in a comfortable position, then close your eyes. Now start breathing through your nose and start counting in your head. Do it this way: every time you inhale pronounce in your head the word “and”, and when you exhale, the number you’re at. “And one”, “and two”, “and three”. Once you get to 100, open your eyes. How do you feel?


Full Body Breath Scan

We told you that some of these were going to be just breathing exercises to relax! They’re simple yet very effective. The full body breath scan works like this: inhale through your nose, expand your stomach as much as you can, and count to five. As you do this, imagine a warm light running through your whole body. Then, when it’s time to exhale, visualize the light coming out of your nostrils. Doing this for a few times should make you feel lighter and calmer.

Walking Meditation

Sometimes there’s just not enough time to stay still and meditate. And you know pretty well that if you’re struggling with debilitating anxiety there aren’t really any moments when you feel particularly at ease. So try the walking meditation. It’s an exercise that can be done while in movement. Sync your breathing with your steps, and focus your senses on fully realizing where you are. This will keep bad thoughts away for enough time in order to let you reach some much needed mental clarity.

Shower Meditation

Managing anxiety can really be easy if you use every occasion you get to do something about it. This is exactly why the shower meditation method is our favourite one! Doing it is as simple as getting into the shower and let the stream of water caress your entire body. The important part about it, is that while thinking about what gives you anxiety you don’t have to be judgemental. Put things in perspective. And ask yourself whether anyone else would really worry about what’s running through your mind.

Are there any other easy exercises we missed in this list? Let us know and we’ll make an updated collection of meditation exercises within the next weeks!