5 Morning Mantras to Start The Day Right

5 Morning Mantras to Start The Day Right

Start the day right with repeating phrases of positivity to yourself. This is a small yet powerful form of meditation to help you prepare for the day. These short phrases are called mantras: meaning a sacred word, calming sound, phonemes, word or group of words believed by some to have spiritual and psychological power.

There are many benefits of morning meditation, and by practising morning mantras you can have an incredible positive influence on the rest of your day. This form of meditation has proven to boost your mood, gain more confidence and keep you focused throughout the day.

But how do I do it? It’s simple. Soon after you’ve woken up, put on some calming meditation music, get intune with your body by focusing on your breathing. Breathe in slowly, get as much air into your lungs as possible, count until 5, and release. In between breaths, repeat each of these mantras 3 times. Absorb the positivity, letting it flow throughout your body.

5. “I am”

Begin by repeating the words “I am”. This will bring a great sense of self-awareness to help kickstart your meditation process. As you breath in and out, you’ll begin to feel more aware of your body. Feel the fresh morning air come into your body, and relax as you breathe out.

4. “I exist”

Now as you are aware of your breathing and have steaded your mind, instill the sense of being into yourself. By repeat “I exist” you are giving yourself the sense of self-worth. Knowing you exist helps turn away negativity. You exist, therefore you are important, you make an impact.

3. “I am powerful”

Heighten your confidence, know that today is a new day, in which anything is possible. Repeating “I am powerful” to yourself allows your mind to open up to your full potential. Consume this thinking, use it to make you a more focused and to gain more confidence within yourself.

2. “I love”

Never has the phrase “feel the love” been more true. As you repeat this think of those who you love. Your friends, family, even your pets. Take this time to reflect on not only the big things you love, but the small things which make you smile. Feel the love ruin through your veins, use it to energise yourself.

1. “Om”

Now to wind down your morning mantras, repeat a long “Om” noise. This helps your mind, body and soul exit the state of meditation in a calm manner. As you wind down, you’ll feel your mind, body and soul become at ease. You have now completed your morning mantras.

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Whether you are a regular meditator or a beginner, beginning the practise of meditating in the morning can be tough. We are used to our own morning routine; having a shower, making breakfast, getting dressed for the day that awaits. But this small form of meditation truly helps prepare all of you for the day.

It should take between 15 – 25 minutes to complete your morning mantras, but it is worth sparing that extra time in the morning as it benefits you greatly. The form of meditation can be practised by anyone. Spending that time building your confidence is also wonderful if you suffer from anxiety, depression or even if you’ve been having a bad week. So give your mind, body and soul that boost it deserves!