5 Natural Energy Boosters For Healthier Living

5 Natural Energy Boosters For Healthier Living

5 Natural Energy Boosters For Healthier Living

Feeling burned out and constantly fatigued during the day? Your energy levels are probably low, something we all suffer from on occasion and sometimes an all too frequent occurrence. Unless you have an underlying medical condition that is causing you to be exhausted there is no reason why you can’t start boosting your energy levels and feeling better in yourself.

Healthier living starts with smarter choices – making these 6 small changes to your routine not only boosts energy but is the best way to feel good about yourself and your health.

1. Drink More Water

Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water, with our brains being comprised of 85% water. Whilst water does not give us actual ‘energy’ such as what we get from eating food, it is vital to the proper functioning of our body and mind. In order to keep yourself running smoothly, ensure that you drink about 2 litres of pure water a day. Fizzy and caffeinated drinks don’t count – they only dehydrate you. Start boosting your energy levels right away with a tall refreshing glass of water.

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2. Cut The Carbs

You don’t need to cut out carbohydrates altogether, we all know how difficult that can be. The important thing to remember is not to overindulge in high-carb, high-sugar foods throughout the days as these will lower your energy levels and have you come crashing down after the initial spike of energy you’ll feel. These types of food gives us a sense of instant reward and pleasure that makes it difficult to quit the habit. Start by cutting down on your intake and start replacing carb rich foods with foods that are slow release and keep you full for longer.

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3. Vitamins Are Vital

Vitamins do not give us a direct source of energy, but they do aid the enzymes that generate energy from the nutrients we get in our diet. Vitamins are therefore some of the best natural energy boosters and are easily something we can get plenty of if we eat the right foods and have a nutrient laden diet. For those of us with busy lifestyles it is easy to miss out on our fruit and veg intake every day in which case it might be worth your while taking a multivitamin to supplement your diet. It is by no means a replacement for good food but it is the next best thing if you’re not eating what you should be.

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4. Get Moving

The more energy you exert, the more energetic you’ll feel. Exercise has been proven time and time again to be the best way to feel good about ourselves and boost energy levels. It strengthens our circulation and heart muscle, giving us the capability to do more without becoming exhausted very quickly. If you don’t enjoy the idea of exercising, try and incorporate more activity and movement in your life in a more natural way. Take a longer route to work that means more walking, choose stairs over escalators or get outside and do some gardening – plenty of calories to be burned mowing the lawn or working on a flower bed!

5. Don’t Oversleep Or Undersleep

Sleep is vital for energy levels, it completely restores and revitalizes us overnight and is essential for repair and healing in the body. There is a reason we look terrible without sleep – we desperately need rest! If you deprive your body of this, you will start to slow down and your energy will diminish. For healthier living make sure to get at least 8 hours a day and see how much better you feel. However, just as undersleeping is bad so too is oversleeping. Sleeping for more that 9 hours per night can negatively impact your health and make you feel even more fatigued than before. Balance is key.

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