5 Reasons to Forgive and Forget

5 Reasons to Forgive and Forget

Forgiving someone can be tricky. It depends on what they’ve done, why they’ve done it, and how close they are to you. One thing is for sure, when betrayal is involved it can hurt. The closer the person is to you, the harder it can be to forgive them. Holding onto grudges can be easier than to forgive and forget. Letting the pain go can be tough. Especially if they are sorry, holding onto forgiveness is a form a punishment for them. 

But holding grudges can have a bigger negative effect then we think. Although it may be comforting, and the easier option, it’s time to think about giving forgiveness. We’ve put together ‘5 Reasons to Forgive and Forget’ to encourage you to let the pain go, begin thinking positively and be the bigger person.

5. Forgiving Is A Great Step In Self-Improvement

You may be surprised to hear this, but giving forgiveness to whoever has hurt you is a great step to be a better person. Forgiving someone causes you to become a more compassionate, understanding person. When we don’t forgive, it’s because we close our mind to the impossibility of moving on from the pain of betrayal.

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Holding onto that pain is damaging for our mind and soul. Forgiveness gives us a relieve from the pain, although it may not be straight away. It does come.

4. If We Do Not Make Mistakes, We Do Not Learn

We are all human. Humans make mistakes. It happens. Obviously it is easier to say “Yes, let’s forgive and forget.” than actually do it. Your heart and feelings need time to heal, to move on from the betrayal.

Do take the time to mend your own feelings. Don’t bottle your emotions.  For it is only when your feelings have been mended you can move forward with giving forgiveness.

3. Holding Onto Negativity Is Damaging For Your Mind

When a betrayal is really hurtful and you feel your relationship/friendship could never return to normal, then it is okay to let go of that person. But let go of the pain with them by forgiving them. Allow your mind to carry on, by doing this you will become a stronger person. Holding onto the betrayal is only hurtful to ourselves.

forgive and forget, self-improvement, giving forgiveness, be a better person, power of positive thinking

Remember, although the pain is strong, it is only temporary if you allow to let go. Otherwise you will carry around that pain until you forgive.

2. Showing Compassion Makes You a Stronger Person

Believe it or not, betrayal no matter how big or small, can be forgiven. The person who holds onto their feelings of bitterness, bad blood and anger is not as strong as the person who picks themselves up, let’s go of the situation, forgives and forgets. But saying “I forgive you.” isn’t all about the words. Forgiveness entails no intention of acting out revenge, whether it be bitter actions or throwing the act back in the person’s face.forgive and forget, self-improvement, giving forgiveness, be a better person, power of positive thinking

Showing compassion makes you a stronger person as it not only lets the person forgiven grow and learn from their mistakes, but it builds your strength as a person. If you can forgive you are automatically a stronger feeling for letting go and moving on.

1. Life is Short

This is true. We should make the most of the life we have, instilling it with happiness, love and goodness. Giving forgiveness isn’t just a step in self-improvement, it allows us to be happier, opens our hearts and mends our soul.

You may be thinking of someone who has hurt you recently, maybe someone who you haven’t spoken to in months, even years! Take a moment to reflect on forgiveness. See if there is a way you can open yourself up to idea of forgiveness. It’s never too late to forgive. 

I hope you found this article helpful. Giving forgiveness is no simple task, the fear of being hurt or disappointed takes over allow and we close ourselves off to the possibility of recreating trust again. But with the power of positive thinking we can forgive anyone.