5 Signs You Are Committing Self Sabotage

5 Signs You Are Committing Self Sabotage

5 Signs You Are Committing Self Sabotage

Self sabotage is the act of deliberately, whether consciously or unconsciously, doing things that are harmful to one’s self and making decisions that are generally bad or reckless. We all indulge in this negative behaviour from time to time, such as when we decide to eat one takeaway too many or drink excessively on a particular night, but when the bad choices start to outweigh the good ones we know we have a problem. Here are 5 signs you might be endangering yourself on purpose.

1. You Need To Justify Your Actions Regularly

If you are leading a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically, the chances are you don’t need to make excuses for yourself. Self sabotaging behaviour, however, lends itself to a lot of ‘just one more‘, ‘this is the last time‘ and ‘it won’t happen again‘. If you find yourself saying sentences such as these on a frequent basis, then you are probably aware you are doing something you shouldn’t.


2. Your Decisions Leave You Feeling Uneasy

When you do something to hurt yourself or someone else, surprisingly enough it doesn’t leave you feeling great inside! In fact it will eat you up until you decide to either forgive yourself or move on. If you have done something that you don’t feel great about, remember the negative feelings that came after it and learn to associate that bad feeling with that moment. You are far less likely to repeat a mistake if you know the consequences are unpleasant.

3. You Don’t Value Yourself

Not everyone is aware that they have low self-esteem, but if you figure out that it is something that affects you you can start to improve your self confidence over time. A self defeating attitude can come across very obviously and make you less appealing to other people and less likely to find success. If you want to stop ruining your chances in life, learn to value yourself properly.


4. You Act On Your Emotions

Emotions are both a blessing and a curse, they can make us feel incredible when we are on a high but leave us totally shattered when we are experiencing a low. Emotions such as anger, sadness, stress and frustration can bring out the worst in us, and sometimes we allow our emotions to rule us. Whilst it is important to follow your heart, you must also learn to think with your head and act rationally and responsibly as much as possible in life. If you are a highly emotional person, remember to take a breath and only act or make decisions when you are feeling calm and stable.

5. You Won’t Listen To Other People’s Advice

Sometimes the truth hurts and we can’t always handle it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not what we need to hear. If you shun other people’s advice, especially from those who care about you the most, there is a strong chance that you are in denial about needing a change or facing reality. If you think it’s necessary, speak to a doctor or a counsellor about whatever it is that is holding you back e.g. your weight, addiction problems, low-self esteem, relationships etc., and figure out what you can do to improve yourself. Accept any help you can get and be grateful for those that have your best interest at heart.

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