5 Simple Ways to Learn to See Auras

5 Simple Ways to Learn to See Auras

5 Simple Ways to Learn to See Auras

Auras are the energy fields that surround all physical objects and beings. Learn five ways to see them by reading this article!

Want to be able to see the manifestation of auras around people of objects? It can be a very interesting thing to witness, as it can sometimes contain information about people’s presence. You can learn much more about trees, animals crystals… Here are just some of the ways you can learn to see auras:

Search Around You

Searching for the energy field that surrounds you is the best way to start out this practice. Look at your hands, relax yourself as if you were preparing for a third eye meditation, and focus your sight. Holding your hand before a white background can be of help. Gaze down, and gently start to spread your fingers apart. Look at the space between your fingers, and you will start noticing a light or a color between the space you just left there. Yes, that’s your aura!


Use a Mirror

Once again, practice on yourself before trying on others. Stand in front of a mirror. Look at yourself intensely, and then shift your focus just beyond your frame. Fix another point in space and gaze into it, and look at the information appear around you! Allow the energy to expand, and try and understand the color surrounding you.


Plants or Crystals

Having trouble seeing your own aura? Try with plants or crystals instead. Take a potted plant, and place it in front of a white background. Focus your vision until you feel like all colors are starting to look similar, and then relax the focus. Notice a border appearing around it. Is it powerful? Would your plant do better with some water or more nutrients?

Aura Photos

I love technology! It helps people that don’t have spiritual gifts get in touch with a part of themselves that they could have never reached on their own. Aura photos are a fun way of keeping a record of people’s change over time. See if there are stores near you that offer this service!


That’s it. Practice makes you perfect: you just have to train your brain to see what it normally would not. Don’t expect to be able to do everything perfectly the first time you try. Pay close attention, and one day you’ll be able to learn to see auras as clear as day!

Here you go! Five simple ways in which you can learn to see auras. I hope you enjoyed this article, and that someday you will succeed in your feat. For more information on new age practices and a healthy lifestyle, please check out the rest of the Meditation Relax Club blog!