5 Things NOT To Do When Meditating

5 Things NOT To Do When Meditating

5 Things NOT To Do When Meditating

The art of meditating is so widely recognised and practiced that there is an endless stream of information on how effective meditation is best achieved. As important as it is to learn to meditate properly, sometimes it is just as important to know what not to do and try to debunk some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding meditation. Here are some meditation tips about what not to do when meditating.

Don’t Try To Not Think – When you learn to meditate, often times there is a confusion and misunderstanding about what you should be thinking about, with many assuming that the aim is to not do any thinking at all and shut down the mind. Whilst meditation is about stillness, inner piece and quietening the mind it is NOT about shutting your brain off altogether. Apart from the fact that not thinking is impossible, it is important to let thoughts flow whilst meditating in order to gain clarity. However do not get weighed down by one thought or allow yourself to get worked up or stressed whilst thinking, that is the key to effective meditation.

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Don’t Wait For The Perfect Time – When you are busy with other things and have a lot on your plate, making excuses is the easiest thing in the world. Just as we put off giving up sugary foods, our crippling coffee habit or going to the gym, meditation is just as easily put into the ‘I’ll start next week’ category. Make sure you avoid doing this by meditating at random intervals throughout the day, even when you don’t think you have time for it. Remember meditation can be practiced anywhere and is merely a state of mind.

‘The best time to relax is when you don’t have time for it’

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Don’t Get Frustrated – You’ve read all the meditation tips and are an expert on what meditation for beginners entails, yet you can’t seem to see to get the hang of putting it into practice. Don’t be hard on yourself, being still and peaceful in a very hectic world is not easily achieved and is something that needs to be worked on just as we work on our bodies health and fitness. If you want to learn to meditate, the best thing to do is to have regular sessions and do whatever feels right for YOU. It is a very personal journey so do whatever it takes to make it work within your own guidelines and comfort zone.

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Don’t Be Put Off By Spiritual Or Religious Connotations – As stated before, meditation is a personal journey, not one dictated by religion or spirituality. Its main purpose is to manage stress and maintain balance, not to get us to some religious higher plane of being. In the same breath, meditation can be used as part of your religious practice if you are a believer, just do whatever suits you and your lifestyle.

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Don’t Force It – Sometimes we are just too stressed, fatigued and anxious to switch off. When this happens, it’s okay to not be able to meditate or achieve stillness. Listen to yourself and if you truly are unable to relax through meditation than try alternative methods that work for you. You can always come back to it another time when you are ready to fully embrace it.

Making mistakes is generally the best way to learn how to do something properly so don’t be afraid of meditating the ‘wrong’ way. As long as it works for you and you are enjoying the experience then you are probably on the right path!