5 Tips to Avoid the Post-Vacation Blues

5 Tips to Avoid the Post-Vacation Blues

5 Tips to Avoid the Post-Vacation Blues

Summer’s winding down, which means that for most of us the holidays have come to an end and it’s time to get back to our regular daily routines. Heading home after having spent some time away can induce a fair amount of stress and moodiness, which is commonly labeled as post vacation blues.

This is a very common reaction that can affect your mind and/or body, with symptoms such as feeling low-energized, melancholic, unable to focus, stressed, anxious. These signs can manifest as soon as your days-off end or even towards the final days of your vacation, potentially ruining the conclusion of your break.

Don’t despair, though! Keep reading to find out some tips on how to tackle your post-vacation blues and get back on track on the right foot.

1. Enjoy the memories

Instead of feeling sad about returning to your daily schedule, look back at the experiences from your vacation with appreciation. Remember those moments as part of a series of lifelong memories that you will always carry within yourself. Also, don’t forget that there are people who don’t get to go on vacations, so be grateful that you got the chance to live that experience.

2. Plan strategically your first day back

The first day back, you might feel an urge to get straight back into work, frantically trying to catch up with everything you might have missed during your time away. A common mistake is to go through your emails and get lost in your inbox as you try to answer to everybody. This might not be the most productive way to return to your routine. Be strategic about your activities: respond only to the emails that are time sensitive and, if possible, plan ahead your tasks in order to ease the transition into your routine.

3. Re-establish a regular schedule

Oftentimes, while you’re on vacation you tend to alter your sleeping schedule, which usually translates into staying up until late at night and consequentially waking up late in the morning. This might be a habit tough to eliminate, especially if you’ve spent time abroad in a different timezone so you’re experiencing the jet-lag. The best way to face this issue is to gradually get back into your usual sleeping habits starting a few days before going back to your routine, in order not to add more fatigue to your already stressed mind.

4. Plan ahead your next trip

If you think about it, the anticipation for the holiday can count as part of the vacation itself. It’s never too early to start planning on your next trip, even by doing something as simple as writing down a list of the places you’d want to visit or the activities you’d like to do. Having something to look forward to can help you cope with the sadness of your vacation being over and it could bring you a little comfort.

5. Find joy in the little things

If the thought of your next vacation doesn’t bring you relief because it feels too far in time, find the joy in the small things. Plan on doing activities that are available in your area that you might find inspiring or exciting. For example, you could go on a day-trip during the weekend to visit a place you haven’t been yet, or you could book a day at the spa, buy tickets for a show, a museum, a game. If you particularly miss the atmosphere of your holiday destination, you could bring home a piece of its culture by learning to cook a dish from its cuisine or, if cooking is not your thing, by having a meal at an ethnic restaurant.

Are you feeling more relaxed already? Listen to this to soothe your mind with some relaxing sounds.

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