5 Ways to Make Your 2018 Better!

5 Ways to Make Your 2018 Better!

5 Ways to Make Your 2018 Better!

Happy 2018 from Meditation Relax Club! Here we go again, for another chance at a new beginning. Want to make this year better than the one that just went past? Here are a couple of tips to turn 2018 into a positive, beautiful year to live!

Year after year, we are ever moving forwards. Constantly evolving, changing. Becoming a better version of ourselves. Smooth sailing is not always possible, but you can try to make things a little bit easier along the way. Here are some ways to do so:

Define What is Meaningful

Don’t make 100 new years resolutions that you will not be able to commit to. Define the best five you want to accomplish, and stick to those! Prioritize your goals, and make sure that the most important ones are very clear to you.

There Will Be Ups & Downs

It’s not like everyday will be wonderful and full of joy. You’re gonna have your grey clouds every now and then, but, after they have passed, it’s gonna be ok. Nothing lasts forever; especially not pain!

Take Some Time to Yourself

Every month, stop and evaluate if what you are doing is taking you where you want to be. Don’t wait until the end of the year before drawing conclusions and asking yourself whether you did the right thing. Keep checking up on what’s around you!

You Can Procrastinate

… some stuff. Not everything, mind you! But you can take a breath once in a while, and let go of things that are suffocating you. You are not perfect, and no-one expects you to be.


Celebrate the Good Things

Some things deserve to be celebrated and remembered. Every time something positive happens to you during 2018, write it down in a notebook. It can be something as small as someone holding the door for you. Make a grateful list you can read once the year is over, and give thanks to everyone and everything that allowed you to put it together!


Happy New Year from Meditation Relax Club! We hope you enjoyed this, and that 2018 can welcome you with open doors and a warm embrace, leading you towards a happy, bright future.