6 Bizarre Healthy Foods to Eat: Foods That Are Unexpectedly Good for You

6 Bizarre Healthy Foods to Eat: Foods That Are Unexpectedly Good for You

Diets are a long list of what you must or can’t eat. This list of healthy food might change your views on what to avoid during a diet.

What do you avoid during a diet? Are you sure that your choices are correct? This healthy foods list might change your opinion on what you should not avoid.

Red Wine

When assumed in the right quantity, it can be extremely useful. The benefits of red wine include a lower risk of cardiac arrest and of diabetes.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate benefits include a lower blood pressure. It has a very high amount of antioxidants, but the best part is that it tastes great! People that assume a piece of dark chocolate 5 times a week are more likely to be thinner than people who do not.

Red Beans

They contain potassium, magnesium and help keeping blood pressure under control. They fight bad cholesterol, and are found on almost every healthy food list.


If you are not a fan of beans, try out lentils. They are not as easy to cook, but they contain a high amount of iron, fibers and proteins. They also have a higher digestibility rate than other legumes.


Meat is rich in proteins, vitamins, iron and magnesium. Not eating this nutrient rich food means that you would have to integrate your diet with several other foods. It is very important to differentiate the type of meat you eat, and not to exaggerate in the quantity you are assuming. Remember that white meat is a lean and healthy alternative to red one.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a bizarre food with an unmistakable flavor. Why avoid sweet food when you have this potassium rich tuber available?

Change your views on diets, and start eating these bizarre foods that are good for you!