6 Day Mental Detox Plan

6 Day Mental Detox Plan

6 Day Mental Detox Plan

After the indulgence of Christmas and excessive food, alcohol and just about everything else, we could all use a good body detox. Starving ourselves, hitting the gym, and reacquainting ourselves with vegetables might all seem like a good idea, but January is a difficult enough month as it is so why not have a mental detox instead? For this purpose, we’ve come up with a 6 day plan to get you feeling mentally refreshed and prepared for the year to come.


Day 1 – Go For A Walk

Set the refresh button in your mind by taking a long walk outdoors, even if the weather isn’t great. Have a think about all of the things that have happened last year and all of your hopes for this year and the future. De-stress yourself and clear your mind of all the Christmas babble still left inside you.

Day 2 – Take A Long Bath

Have a long soak in the bath and listen to your favourite relaxing music or even watch a movie. Give yourself a mini spa treatment or pamper session so that you feel like a brand new person inside and out.

Day 3 – Get A Haircut

There is something about cutting your hair that symbolises a fresh start and a new you, and there is no better time to do this than at the start of the year. Book yourself in for a hair appointment and go for something slightly different then usual, you’ll feel like a brand new person afterwards.


Day 4 – Have An Early Spring Clean

It doesn’t have to be spring to do a spring clean, this is the perfect time to go through old things and decide what can be given away, thrown out or recycled. Get rid of stuff you don’t use or will never wear and make sure it goes to a good home. There’s nothing like a good sorting session to clear the mind.

Day 5 – Tidy Your Technology

These days it’s not just our physical items that become cluttered and cumbersome, our digital life can be just as chaotic and disorganised if we’re not careful. To start the year on a good foot, delete any apps from your phone that you don’t use, go through old photos and remove any you don’t want and organise your important files and music downloads, backing them up if needs be. Go through your emails and remove any spam or junk mail and unsubscribe from any email services you’ve been enlisted to that you don’t need anymore.

Day 6 – Write A Journal Entry

Put some time aside to sit down and write anything that is on your mind. Let the words flow and allow your thoughts to go wherever they want to, making sure to write them all down on paper. Get all of your hopes, fears, ambitions, worries, stresses, plans, memories and whatever else written down so that they are out of your mind and you can fully relax.

We hope you enjoyed our 6 day detox plan, what areas of your life are you looking to detox this year?