6 Good Songs to Listen to After a Break Up for Finding Inner Peace

6 Good Songs to Listen to After a Break Up for Finding Inner Peace

Break ups can be difficult to overcome. Try finding inner peace and overcoming depression after break up with these good songs to listen after a break up.

Overcoming a break up is not easy. Some people need more time than others to find peace of mind. Depression after a break up is more common than you would believe, and finding inner peace after saying goodbye is not an easy feat.

But how to find inner peace? How to find true love? Online you can mostly find lists of good movies to watch after a break up, but those can often lead you to be self destructive. Instead of holing yourself up and eating loads of ice-cream in front of the TV, how about you try out this playlist of good songs to listen after a break up?

Zen Meditation Music

A one hour long compilation of the best zen meditation music to overcome your depression after breakup with some relaxing meditation.

F**k You- Lily Allen

In my opinion one of the best songs (as well as funniest music videos) you can listen to after a break up. Lily Allen with F**k You at number 2! → WATCH VIDEO

Nature Sounds

Relaxing nature sounds can be miraculous when you are looking for a cheer up. → GO TO THE VIDEO

Ambient Piano Music

One of the best CDs with relaxing and inspiring ambient piano music. Check it out!


Music for a Bubble Bath

Surround yourself in a luxurious bubble bath and let your anxieties flow away in the colorful water.

Best San Sung Break Up Songs

Some of the saddest songs around on the net! I found this video while I was looking for some inspiration for this article. I’m posting this, because anyone knows these songs, but if you have your heart broken, these will help you to vent your emotions. Go easy on these, and stay positive!

We hope you enjoyed these good songs to listen during a break up and you can overcome this difficult period!