6 Herbs that Help with Digestive Health

6 Herbs that Help with Digestive Health

If you suffer from digestive disorders, try this list of herbal remedies and herbs that help with digestion.

I have always had a weak stomach. When I’m outside, I avoid eating certain kinds of foods because I know that they will make me feel bloated and uncomfortable. I alleviate these digestive disorders symptom with a series of digestive herbs. I usually prepare infusions with these ingredients, mixing them together to my liking. I also like taking them in the morning, with a little added maple syrup or honey. Here they are:

Peppermint. Peppermint calms digestive spasms, helps with reducing pain and discomfort created by an irritable bowel syndrome. It tastes great with green teas!

Dandelion. You can use both the root and the flower. Dandelion is know to improve digestion and acts as a very mild laxative agent. As such be careful in the dosage of this plant.

Ginger. Spicy, fresh, and good for you! Not only does ginger improve your digestive system, but it also stimulates the absorption of nutrients, gases, and toxins. When available you can grind it fresh and add it to a cup of boiling water, or if you can’t find it you can order dried ginger roots online and use it in your infusions.

Lavender. One of my favorite scents, lavender leaves behind a perfume that calms down anxiety. It also has a soothing effect on your body and helps with your digestive health by calming down your intestines and moving them as they should.

Oregano. A highly alkaline herbal remedy. Helps with fighting the inflammation and digestive disorders in case they were created by stomach acidity.

Sage. Last but not least, sage. In addition to helping your stomach digest proteins, sage also provides help when it comes to eliminating excess gas.

Here we are! 6 digestive herbs that work miracles when it comes to stomach pain and digestive disorders. Try them out at home in an infusion before you head out and eat, and see if they make a difference.