6 Unusual But Amazing Health Tips

6 Unusual But Amazing Health Tips

Some of the tips given to live a healthy lifestyle have been discussed so much that they have finally reached the status of common knowledge. Here you will find a list of unusual advices that will amaze you.

We have had enough of hearing about the same old good advice about how to go living a healthy life. Drink a lot to stay hydrated, exercise to lose weigh, sleep more to feel energized… Others, however, are more unique and not everyone knows about them.

Here are 6 amazing health tips that may change your life:

Drink Hot Water to Cool Down

In Japan, people normally drink hot tea to cool down. This habit may seem strange, but it actually works. This is because drinking hot beverages heats up your body and makes you sweat. As soon as you start sweating, you will cool down. Strange, but true: try it out!

Drink Coffee to Sleep Better

Drink a cup of coffee, then take a power nap. People that have this habit will be more awake once the caffeine kicks in. The molecules enter the bloodstream in about 20 minutes, just in time for you to wake up and feel more energized than usual!

Gain Weight and Get Thin

If two people have the same weight, the one with more muscles will have smaller clothes sizes and wear a pair of jeans better than a person with her same weight that leads a sedentary lifestyle. This is because muscles weigh more than fat, and occupy less volume. Even if you weigh more after exercising a lot, it may mean that you are getting fit and gaining muscles.

Eat More to Eat Less

Eating low calorie, unfilling foods can seem a virtuous choice, but when you do it you are more likely to get hungry and eat something else during the day. You are better off consuming caloric or protein filled foods (such as peanut butter or an apple) that will help you stay satisfied longer.

No Energy Drinks

One of the most common unhealthy habits of athletic people is assuming sports drinks when they are feeling low on energy. The bad these caffeine concentrates bring are more that the good effects you feel on your body. The collateral damage caused by sport drinks include being nervous, irritable and an irregular heartbeat.

Throw Away Hand Sanitizers

Using hand sanitizers may actually be one of many unhealthy habits that people believe to be useful. There is no proof that hand sanitizer is better than soap in removing bacteria, and some of the ingredients contained in them could be harmful in the long run.

I hope you found this list of healthy life tips useful! Try them out and let me know if they work for you.