6 Uplifting Things To Tell Yourself Everyday

6 Uplifting Things To Tell Yourself Everyday

6 Uplifting Things To Tell Yourself Everyday

We do so much as part of our everyday routine, from getting up, getting ready and then going about our day accomplishing whatever needs to get done. We are all so busy trying to squeeze as much as possible into a short period of about 16 hours, that we sometimes forget to show ourselves some self-care and remind ourselves that we are doing great. If you start to include small, uplifting mantras or reminders into your daily life you will notice an immediate difference in your confidence and attitude, so get into the habit of telling yourself all the things you need to hear.


Today Is A New Day – Whatever happened yesterday is gone, embrace the new dawn with a fresh mind and a fresh perspective. Focus on what lies ahead and tell yourself that today is the day you start to carve out the life you want for yourself.

You Are Stronger Than You Think – It’s easy to feel weak sometimes, especially when life starts to test us or something goes wrong, but you have to remember that immense strength comes from hardship and difficult times. Whatever it is that life throws at you, just know that you can handle it and have confidence in your abilities.

It’s Okay To Fail – Whether you didn’t get the exam results you expected, or whether you caved in and had a french baguette for lunch when you were on a no-carb diet, accept that failure is a part of life and learn to be okay with it. With every perceived ‘failure’ in life comes an opportunity to start again and seek new horizons.


You Are Loved – If you ever feel alone in your endeavours in life, know that you never truly are. Somebody out there cares for you, and that should be enough to pull you through the most stressful, chaotic situations. If there ever is a time when everyone you know fails you, remember to love yourself and be your own source of reassurance in life.

You Matter – You are important to the world and your voice matters, so if you have an opinion, an idea or you think of a better way to do things, believe in yourself enough to go for it. Don’t let doubts and fears get in the way of your ambitions, the most successful people in the world only got there because they had the courage to take a risk and do something that nobody else would.

There Is Always Tomorrow – If you don’t quite accomplish all your dreams today, or you haven’t yet become the perfect human being you would like to be, tomorrow is another day. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you think a day was not successful enough, life is just as much about the non eventful days as it is the life changing ones. Embrace the dull in-between moments, sometimes they can be the most unexpectedly pleasant.

If you want to keep the good vibes going, try to practice this new self-love routine on a regular, if not daily basis. You can get inventive with it and tailor it to your specific needs, just make sure to stay positive and the rest will fall into place.