6 Ways To Cure A Hangover

6 Ways To Cure A Hangover

6 Ways To Cure A Hangover

If you had one too many drinks last night or you’re planning a big night out sometime soon, you might want have a read of these hangover cures to relieve symptoms and help your body to recover quickly!

1. Water – Hydration, hydration, hydration. Alcohol is a diuretic and leaves our bodies dehydrated and our mouths parched the day after, or even at the time of drinking. To help combat this, sip water in-between alcoholic beverages and make sure to drink plenty of the clear stuff the day after.

2. Coffee – Coffee will make you feel alert and give you some much needed energy after a night of debauchery so if you find yourself lagging, grab yourself a cup of sweet, sweet caffeine.


3. Toast – Plain food such as toast or crackers will get your blood sugar levels back up, and are unlikely to upset your stomach so they are great for treating a hangover. If your parents ever fed you dry toast when you were sick as a child then it’s the same concept, except this time it’s a self inflicted illness..

4. Line Your Stomach – Before you go out or start drinking, eat a substantial meal consisting of heavy carbs or protein, anything that will fill you up and keep you that way for the night. When you drink on an empty stomach the alcohol goes straight into your bloodstream and you become intoxicated much quicker, running the risk of becoming too drunk and increasing your chances of having a bad hangover the next day.

5. Stick to Clear Booze – Darker spirits such as rum, whiskey and bourbon contain higher levels of chemical compounds called congeners which can make a hangover worse, so stick to clear drinks such as vodka and gin to lesser your chances of waking up in a bad way.


6. Sleep – The best cure for a hangover is time, but if you want to avoid being acutely aware of the havoc you’ve wreaked on your body, sleeping it off is probably your best bet. If you stay in bed long enough, your body will have adequate time to heal itself and by the time you resurface you’ll feel rejuvenated and well on the way to recovery. To help you with this we have created this sleep music video for you, with 8 hours of calming soothing music and white noise to induce you into a deep state of relaxation.

When it comes to anything, prevention is always better than a cure, and hangovers are no different. If you want to feel human the day after drinking, be moderate with your alcohol intake and stop drinking when you know you’ve had enough. You’ll thank yourself the next day when you wake up bright and eyed and bushy tailed, or at least capable of getting out of bed.