6 Ways To Stop Being Lazy And Get Motivated Instead

6 Ways To Stop Being Lazy And Get Motivated Instead

6 Ways To Stop Being Lazy And Get Motivated Instead

Want to know how to stop procrastinating over every task you have to do in life? Well I can’t promise it’ll be easy because, let’s face it, laziness affects us all from time to time and shying away from productivity can be an all too simple solution. However, if overcoming laziness is something you’re serious about then these 6 things might just help you to get motivated and stay motivated.

1. Start Your Day Off Right

If you want to change the outlook of your day, then your morning routine and the first couple of things you do should reflect how you want the rest of the day to play out. Spend time getting ready, make your breakfast as healthy as can be, and try to get at least one productive thing done, no matter how small it may be. The feeling of accomplishment you get when something is achieved will spur you on to complete other tasks.

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2. Listen To Energising Music

You know those songs that you listen to that make you want to move around, dance and get active? Well, if you find laziness taking over your mind and body than it’s time to pull out your favourite energising playlist, filled with motivational, loud and movement-inspiring music. If you manage to have a mini workout by bopping along to the song even better (although this is perhaps best avoided in public spaces).

3. Find A Dream

People are motivated by goals and targets so it’s important to decide what it is that you want to succeed at. If you are struggling to study for exams, picture what your future looks like if you do or do not get the desired results. Decide what matters to you and then you will be able to tell whether you truly want to put your all into something or if perhaps you want to choose a different path. Even if you don’t have a specific dream or goal in mind, have an idea of what you would like your life to look like in a few years time and then think about what you need to do to get there.

4. Change Your Environment

Perhaps your current environment is not stimulating enough or does not suit your needs and therefore is not helping you to stay motivated. If you find yourself in a particular place or with certain people who are draining you of energy and making you feel apathetic, make it your mission to find new and exciting ventures that give you the enthusiasm you need to take action and make things happen.

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5. Reward Yourself

Self bribery is one of the greatest tools we have for overcoming laziness and forcing ourselves to get motivated. Write a list of things that you really want, ranging from big to small and relative to the size of the task you wish to accomplish. Whenever you get something completed that you’ve been dreading having to do, allow yourself to have something from the list. It’s amazing what you can get done when you know there’s a treat at the end of it!

6. Don’t Overcomplicate Your Life

When faced with too many tasks, we become overwhelmed and feel like we can’t achieve anything. Concentrate on two or three things at a time, depending on how big each task is. Remember that it is better to have one thing done well than to have a million things on a list that you will never tick off. Start small, start simple, and go from there.

If you are still lacking motivation, use your procrastination time well by listening to some motivational talks or podcasts. Ted Talks are an incredible resource for when you are in need of a pep talk so browse the thousands of videos available on YouTube and on the website for some great advice from expert speakers.

Here is one such inspiring speech by Mel Robbins who tells us that the chances of being born in the first place are 1 in 400 trillion. If that doesn’t motivate you to make the most of your life I don’t know what will!