7 Christmas Eve Traditions for your Christmas Holidays

7 Christmas Eve Traditions for your Christmas Holidays

Every country and every family celebrate during Christmas holidays in their own way, but there are few Christmas traditions, from the sacred to the sentimental, which are the same, especially during the magic Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve Dinner: essentially meat on the menu, but also fish, together with a lot of appetizers and traditional cakes and puddings, ginger and cinnamon biscuits and hot chocolate. A traditional meal to eat with all family reunited.

Santa Claus: also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, and simply “Santa”, a mythical red-dressed figure who is said to bring gifts to the homes of the good children during Christmas Eve, on December 24. He lives in the North Pole. Maybe he doesn’t bring presents to all the children in the world, but it’s one of the biggest magic of Christmas holidays.

Gift giving: the moment that everybody waits for. Giving or receiving presents is always a pleasant moment to share with family and friends, and in generally with people you care. In some countries children open their gifts on December 6th, Saint Nicholas Day, or during Christmas Eve. Anyway the world is really big so Santa can bring his presents during Christmas night, in this case children will open them the morning of Christmas day!

Christmas wishes: Merry Christmas to everybody! During Christmas holidays everytime is the perfect time to wish someone a very Merry Christmas!

Going to the church: for Christians there is a place where people waits for the born of the Child Jesus all together, and that is the Church, where you go to pray and celebrate Christmas.

Christmas stories: a special Christmas Eve tradition that needs to be preserved. Christmas stories telling is part of the magic of Christmas. Famous books like “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens or Mark Twain’s “A Letter from Santa Claus” and many others, remember to people the true meaning of Christmas spirit that embodies charity, forgiveness, friendship, unselfish love and generosity.

Christmas carols: Last but not least, it comes caroling. In many countries Christmas concerts are the most wonderful part of Christmas holidays. You can listen to Christmas carols weeks before Christmas in the shopping malls, in the nordic “Christkindlmarkt”, but it’s easy to find children with their parents singing carols to the neighborhoods. The best way to spread Christmas cheer all around.

Merry Christmas…