7 Foods that Help you Sleep

7 Foods that Help you Sleep

7 Foods that Help you Sleep

Many foods contain sleep enhancers that can effect the quality of your rest. Find out about the best foods that help you sleep!

Many people have trouble falling asleep, or staying dormant through the night. Whatever the reason, there are millions of us out there in the world that just can’t seem to turn off when the right time comes. These individuals can’t enjoy the benefits of a regular sleeping pattern, which include a stronger immune system, a faster metabolism, a healthy looking skin and a happier mood.

The good news is that dietary changes can increase your odds of getting a successful slumber. Here are just seven of the many foods that can help you sleep soundly through the night:

01. Bananas

Bananas are well known for being rich in potassium; however, they are also an extremely good source of Vitamin B6, which is needed to make melatonin. The latter, if you didn’t know already, is a sleep inducing hormone that gets triggered when you are surrounded by darkness.

You’re gonna find more melatonin stimulating foods to sleep going down through the list, so keep on reading!


02. Almonds & Walnuts

These are excellent sources of magnesium and tryptophan respectively, which both help you regulate your body clock. Almonds are especially good, as they also help fighting headache improving on the quality of your sleep.

03. Cheese & Crackers

My mother’s home remedy for sleeplessness used to be a hot cup of milk before heading to bed. Truth is, any dairy product will do. Calcium (which can be found in milk, yogurt, cheese) helps regulate muscle movements, strengthens your bones, but most of all it helps your brain process melatonin.

04. Lettuce

A light salad dinner could be the best natural sleep aid you could ever try. Do you know the white fluid you sometimes see when breaking the leaves of lettuce? That’s lactucarium, and it’s a liquid with sleep enhancing properties.


05. Pretzels

Foods like corn chips or pretzels have a high glycemic index. This will raise the sugar levels in your blood for a short time, helping your brain fall asleep.

06. Tuna or Salmon

Tuna, Salmon or Halibut are all fishes rich in Vitamin B6, which, as we previously stated, is essential to your body for creating melatonin.

07. Cherry Juice

Studies have shown that drinking a glass of melatonin rich cherry juice (especially tart cherry juice) is one of the best natural sleep aid. It can also relieve some of the effects of insomnia in people that suffer from this ailment.


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