7 Healthy Food Choices for a Long and Healthy Life

7 Healthy Food Choices for a Long and Healthy Life

To live longer is not only a matter of luck (the oldest woman in the world is 116 years old), but it’s rather a fact of conducting a healthy lifestyle during the years, starting from the food you eat. This short healthy food guide will explain you why some foods are better than other in order to maintain a good health state, preventing diseases related to the old age.

Dark chocolate

Good news! Everybody loves chocolate, but if you prefer the dark one, then you remember that it is rich in antioxidants and has an antiinflammatory power which prevents, guess what, inflammation linked to aging. Just avoid abusing!


Sometimes this green veg scares children, unless you try them in new recipes, like vegetables patties or in a sauce with pasta. Broccoli, like cauliflowers contains some substances that prevent cancer, as sulforaphane.


This red vegetable recalls summer dinners and it’s typical in the mediterranean diet. Very juicy, tomato helps prevent cardiovascular disorders and osteoporosis. And it’s perfect on pizza!

Olive Oil

Again the mediterranean diet, which is considered the healthiest in the world thanks to its genuine products. The “good fats” contained in olive oil fight against the cognitive decline of the aging. 3 spoons a day on your food or on your salad, for example, activate the properties of the vegetables.

Eat Sake Sushi

Salmon is rich in Omega 3, which protects against senile dementia and reduces inflammation. So more salmon for everyone, eat it on sushi, on your bagel, baked or marinated.

Spice Up your Life!

Spice Girls understood everything! (lol) A recent chinese study proved that people who had some chili peppers to their food can enjoy life longer. Spicy foods help prevent some type of cancer and heart diseases.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

So true! Apples are an extraordinary source of antioxidants: eat them with the skin, which contains most of the essential nutrient of the fruit. Apples also contain fiber, which helps the digestive system and prevent heart disease.