7 Little Bad Habits You Did Not Know Were Affecting You Negatively

7 Little Bad Habits You Did Not Know Were Affecting You Negatively

Your mood is under your control, but its up to you weather you affect it in a negative or a positive way. Here are 7 little habits that could be having a bad influence on it right now…

Our mood is influenced by what surrounds us, and how we react to it. Even the smallest events through everyday life contribute in affecting how we feel, and dictate how we will feel during the rest of the day. Without even realizing it, you may have a couple of bad habits that are having a negative influence on how you feel. Here is a list of the things you may want to avoid doing if you struggle with finding happiness on a daily basis.

Crazy Schedule

You are not a robot. Programming every single minute of the day as if you were is not healthy. Some basic planning through the day is fine, but do not stress out if you do not adhere to every event you had planned.

Gossiping Behind Other People’s Back

Gossiping is a way of bonding; however, gossiping negatively behind other people’s backs, especially if its about mutually known friends, accomplishes the opposite. It goes against building self esteem, and makes your other friends self conscious. Do not judge others, and learn to derive pleasure from other things rather than the misfortune of others!

Too Many Photos

I saw a rainbow yesterday. After trying to take a photo of it so that I could show others how beautiful it was, I realized that the most vivid moments of it were already gone, and that I had missed them by looking at it only through a camera lens. Enjoy the moment, and do not take too many photos. Nowadays, photos have lost the association with “remembering the moment” and are only taken to gain other people’s attention. Gain some self control, and take less pictures!

Seeking Comfort

We seek comfort, but we do not know the true meaning of finding happiness. Stepping out of the comfort zone could mean that we get hurt more easily, as we are more vulnerable. However, if you do not try stepping out of boundaries you may never know what’s out there.

Just Fixing What is Wrong

Before fixing what is wrong, try looking at it and try understanding why it did not work. Learn from mistakes, and don’t just try and delete them by denying their existence.

Doing Too Much

Do not worry every waking hour. Do not try to organize every minute of your day in a productive way. Leave yourself some time to just relax and lay back.

Living with Meaning

Live by giving a sense to what you are doing. Spend your time and money on things that build memories, not only on objects. Make emotions, do not let emotions own you.

I hope you found this article on little bad habits and self control useful. May it help you in finding happiness along the road!