7 Modern Meditation Mantras for a Peaceful Life

7 Modern Meditation Mantras for a Peaceful Life

7 Modern Meditation Mantras for a Peaceful Life

Every person has a different reason for meditating. Figure out which is yours, and use these modern mantras to live a better, peaceful life!

Mantras are the medicine to your soul. They are special words or phrases which we repeat, following their meaning and embedding it deep into our beings. We pronounce them quietly and constantly, trying to etch their meaning into our subconscious. Meditation mantras can change negative feelings into positive ones, and bad habits into good habits. You just need to believe in yourself, and in the power of change that words possess.

Have you ever tried using mantras before? Chanting mantras, especially ancient mantras, has been a staple of certain kinds of meditation for centuries. Some of these are long and complicated, and their meaning is difficult to remember. As of late, modern mantras for meditation have been popping up; they are in simple English, and are easy to understand! Here are 7 of our favorites:

meditation mantras

Repeat these words while meditating, and etch their meaning in your soul and heart. Become mindful, and let your thoughts be cleansed by the power of chanting mantras. If this can help, you may play some relaxing music in the background so these mantras could become a short guided meditation for you to practice before going to sleep at night, or in the morning, just wake up.

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