7 Personality Traits Of People Who Are Well Liked

7 Personality Traits Of People Who Are Well Liked

7 Personality Traits Of People Who Are Well Liked

Popularity is something we are all interested in having, whether you like to admit it or not. The validation that comes from having people say that they like us, are interested in us or that they want to be around us is addictive, it boosts our self-esteem and gives us a great self image. It is not a good thing to change who you are or to act out of character in order to gain friends or popularity, however there might just be a formula for becoming well liked that could be utilised during times when you seriously need to impress someone.

Along with certain personality traits that well liked people possess, they also tend to have a number of good qualities that separates them from the pack and makes them shine, attracting people into their life in the process. If you want to know how to be well liked, here are 7 common habits of popular people.

1. They Smile A Lot

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People want to be around happy people – people that are almost always in a good mood and will make them feel good as a result. When you smile you automatically look friendlier, warmer, and more inviting to others, so it makes sense that you would find it easier to draw people to you when you have a big smile on your face.

2. They Are Funny

Just like smiling and being happy, people LOVE to be around people that make them laugh, after all who doesn’t enjoy laughing? Whenever you come across a really funny person in life with a great sense of humour, you will almost always find them surrounded by lots of other people who love being around them.

3. The Look On The Bright Side

You may be starting to see a pattern in these personality traits, but that’s because well liked people tend to be very positive. That means they smile, they laugh, and they always look on the bright side of things. If something goes wrong they are able to brush themselves off and move on with ease, even making a joke out of it and relishing the good story they’ll have to tell their friends.

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4. They Are Leaders

Well liked people are the leaders of society, the pioneers who are willing to try something first, take a risk, and start new trends when everyone else is doing what their peers and the rest of society are doing. In order to be popular, you must have something that’s different about you, that people respect and look up to, and most of all, that they aspire to have or become also.

5. They’re Nice

Being nice isn’t the only trait you need to liked, sometimes it can just cause you to be taken advantage of and walked all over. However, if you combine being nice with a strong willed personality, you will have people falling at your feet. Don’t be a pushover, but show common decency to everyone, people like people who are kind and good to everybody.

6. They Have Confidence

People who radiate confidence and have high levels of self-esteem will never find friendship to be too far away. Confidence attracts others to us; it makes them feel safe in our company knowing that we’re comfortable with who we are and what we are doing. If you are self assured, those around you will be sure of you too. Building confidence and being authentic are key steps in getting people to like and trust you.

7. They Treat Everyone With Importance

When you are actively engaged and genuinely interested in every person you meet, people can not help but like you. Not many people bother to really listen closely and pay attention to every person that they meet, so those that do tend to reap the benefits and forge stronger and better friendships. Take more of an interest in those around you, you never know what significance a person might have to you someday.

So how do you stack up, do you think you have all the traits and characteristics of a person who is well liked?